From the MiD DAY archives: A quick-fire interview with Tendulkar

Oct 22, 2013, 10:57 IST | A Correspondent

Here are some of Sachin Tendulkar's favourites

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Favourite dish: Murg Makhani

Favourite drink: Orange juice

A caricature by Austin Coutinho

Favourite TV Show: Ye Jo Hai Zindagi, DD Non-stop nonsense

Last movie seen: Cannonball Run

Last book read: 20 Years at the Top by Sir Garfield Sobers

Favourite holiday resort: Home

Car: Don't have one

Which person in the world would you like to meet: Sir Don Bradman/Mike Tyson/Ben Johnson.

Favourite fielding position: Anywhere except close-in.

Superstitions: None so far

Fears: Wars, natural calamities

Likes: Music/wildlife/home food

Dislikes: Quarrels with friends

Favourite relaxation: Lying in bed

Best friend: The game of cricket

Greatest Cricketing moment: India winning the 1983 World Cup and 1985 World Championship of Cricket

Most memorable match: Sialkot Test vs Pakistan and later, the Peshawar one-dayer

Biggest disappointment: India's inability to win Reliance Cup in 1987

Worst injury: Getting hit on the nose on two occasions - once while keeping wickets at the age of 11 and then by a Waqar Younis rising delivery in the Sialkot Test.

Hardest player to dismiss: Sanjay Manjrekar

Hardest bowler to face: Wasim Akram

Most promising teammate: I'm too junior to comment on senior players

Ambition: To serve my country as long as possible 

1 Which brand of shoes did Tendulkar endorse in the early part of his international career?

2 On which ground did he play his first Test in India?

3 On which ground did he play his first ODI in India?

4 Who was the first bowler to dismiss him in FC cricket?

5 How many runs did he score in his first Test series?

6 What did he do with the champagne which he earned as man-of-the-match after the 1990 Manchester Test?


1 Action

2 Sector 16 Stadium, Chandigarh

3 Vidarbha Cricket Association Ground, Nagpur

4 Ashok Patel (Saurashtra)

5 215 runs in 4 Tests

6 He opened the magnum bottle on his daughter Sara’s first birthday in 1998 

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