Gabriela Sabatini can't wait for Monica Seles

Feb 28, 2015, 07:47 IST | A Correspondent

Gabriela Sabatini and Seles will play in New York next month, but it’s the friendship and not tennis that will make March 10 special for the Argentine at the Garden

EX-tennis heartthrob Gabriela Sabatini from Argentina can’t wait to catch up with her old rival Monica Seles. The two stars of the late 1980s and early 1990s have a date at the Madison Square Garden on March 10, but there’s more to it than just racquet hitting the ball.

Monica Seles (right) Gabriela Sabatini. pic/afp
Monica Seles (right) Gabriela Sabatini. Pic/AFP

“I don’t have opportunity to meet up with former players as much,” Sabatini was quoted as saying by New York Daily news.

“I played a few exhibition matches, so kept in touch with them a little. It’s great to meet with them now, not so much as tennis players, but as friends.”

According to the website, “She (Sabatini) says she has kept busy these past two decades with her German perfume company Muelhens, with travel, biking, swimming and spending time with friends and family.” Among all her tennis friends, Seles is most grateful to Sabatini because the Argentine was the only one who voted for her top ranking to be restored as Seles was recovering from the stabbing incident at a 1993 tournament in Hamburg.

A crazy Steffi Graf fan, Gunther Parche, who stalked Graf for years, didn’t like the fact that Seles displaced Graf as the world’s No 1 ranking.

Great support
Explaining her decision to support Seles where the top ranking was concerned, Sabatini said recently: “I took the decision based as a human, as a person, trying to put myself in her place. I thought with my personal mind, as a human, this is something.”

Now, the two friends cannot wait to go to battle on the court again. “You don’t feel it anywhere else. The crowd (at the Garden) is very intense, loud, that gives you extra motivation. You put more into the match,” Sabatini said.

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