George Clooney wouldn't forgive Steve Wynn for insulting Obama

May 04, 2014, 06:13 IST | Agencies

George Clooney is not ready to forgive Steve Wynn for calling Barack Obama an as***** and later denying the statement

Washington: George Clooney isn’t letting go of the war-of-words just yet. The actor has said that casino owner Steve Wynn, who allegedly called Barack Obama an “as*****” but later denied making such a comment, did indeed say it and that there were witnesses.

George Clooney

The beef between the Hollywood star and the billionaire businessman stems from an argument over Clooney’s “longtime friend” President Barack Obama that erupted during a dinner in Vegas last month. In a released statement to a magazine, the Academy Award winner asserted that Wynn said he didn’t call the president an “as*****”, which was false, and that the business magnate shouted that he had voted for an “as*****” and then called Obama the derogatory word numerous more times as the dinner came to an abrupt end.

Steve Wynn. PICs/AFP

The actor asserted that there were eight witnesses at the table and that he did in turn, called Wynn the same body part, and walked out. Clooney added that the 72-year-old Wynn was one of the richest men in the world and he should be congratulated for it, but he needed to take off his red sparkly dinner jacket and roll up his sleeves every once in a while and understand what most of the country was actually dealing with.

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