Gerard Butler to star in 'Dynamo'

Nov 01, 2012, 08:44 IST | PTI

Actor Gerard Butler is set to star in a film called 'Dynamo', based on a novel by Andy Dougan titled 'Dynamo: Defending the Honour of Kiev'.

'The Ugly Truth' star will be seen playing a soccer player in the movie. The movie has hired Eli Richbourg as the screenwriter but it is still looking for a right director to serve behind the lens, reported Ace showbiz. Apart from Butler no other actor has been tapped to join the ensemble cast.

Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler. Pic/Santa Banta

The film will begin filming next year in Europe. Butler is cast as Nikolai Trusevich in the movie. His character is an all-star goalkeeper who "served as a cornerstone and leader for his team."

He later became an inspiration for the entire battered city of Kiev in Ukraine. The movie is based on the story behind a soccer game that took place between an occupied Ukrainian soccer team and their Nazi captors during the World War II era.

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