Gino Banks, Ranjit Barot and others to perform at Mumbai Drum Day

Jan 21, 2016, 08:12 IST | Krutika Behrawala

Watch budding and established musicians create magic with sticks and discs as they celebrate the first Mumbai Drum Day

Tonight, if you’re able to watch a live gig at the stage inside Worli’s Nehru Centre, don’t be surprised to see more than one drum set basking in the spotlight, unlike a usual setting where a single drum kit is often relegated to the background. Some of the leading names in percussion will be a part of a concert to celebrate Mumbai Drum Day, a first-of-its-kind event curated by drummer Gino Banks. “Mumbai is the entertainment centre of the country. For most part, drummers travel around for concerts and festivals with various artistes. For a change, we wanted to get together at an event in our own city and showcase our talent and music before local audiences. I feel Mumbai needs more concerts like this,” shares Banks.

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Gino Banks
Gino Banks

He will be joined on stage by veteran percussionist Ranjit Barot along with Darshan Doshi, who holds the record of being India’s youngest drummer (started at the age of two), percussionist Vinayak Pol, Jai Row Kavi who’s played with local Rock and heavy metal bands including Medusa, Adrian D’Souza (performed with Louis Banks) and Andrew Kanga, who covers genres like Funk, Pop and Indian fusion. “The performers comprise legends, heroes, friends and colleagues. Each is differentfrom the other.

Ranjit Barot
Ranjit Barot

"Everyone was kind enough to accept our invitation to participate. I would like to introduce a lot more names but we have just one night. Hopefully, next year, we’ll feature many more great drummers the city and country has," says Banks.

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So, do drums have the ability to create the same kind of magic that one enjoys at a Fusion music concert? “This evening, you will also see other percussion instruments too but drums are the main stay. They have an inherent melodic quality if played in the correct manner. The melody in a drum solo is not apparent to all, though most should get it,” shares Barot.

On: Today, 7.30 pm 
At: Nehru Centre, Dr Annie Besant Road, Worli. 
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