Greco-Indian fantasy

Feb 25, 2013, 02:48 IST | Ruchika Kher

Witness the captivating fantasy art genre in artist Ravindra Salve's latest exhibition, The World of Ravindra Salve, where Greek bodies possess an Indian soul

With 80 canvasses, more than 30 drawings and nearly five sculptures in stone, there is a lot to be seen at artist Ravindra Salve’s ongoing exhibition, The World of Ravindra Salve. He has delved deep into his imagination to create artworks, which fall under the category of fantasy and are an amalgamation of Greek and Indian influences. “The objects and the narration in this exhibition belong to my fantasy.

Celebration of Life

The figures have been inspired from the Greek body, while the colour, application and style are inspired from Indian miniatures. So, these bodies are Greek with an Indian soul,” says Salve.

“The paintings talk of a couple: Nayak and Nayika, and about their romance and togetherness. Objects such as the flute, cow, bull and the moon have been used to show their love and happiness.

Salve took eight to nine months to complete these artworks, and admits that it was a challenge: “It was a bit difficult as I had to maintain my style but at the same time keep the works fresh and introduce a new style. After Mumbai, I shall display these works in Delhi and Ahmedabad,” he says.

Apart from this exhibition, Marvel Art Gallery has also launched a book on the artist, titled The World of Ravindra Salve. The aim behind this was to showcase Salve’s present series and reach out to the masses — learners, art lovers and the next generation of artists.

Also, the gallery’s graphic house, Marvel Graphic Studio, has produced Salve’s limited edition serigraphs under their Affordable Art Series, which has a set of six serigraphs in a portfolio.

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