'He had gone to pick up his wedding clothes'

Apr 08, 2012, 01:08 IST | Nivedita Dargalkar

Harish Kumar Pillai's brother Santosh rues that the former, who was to wed on May 3, was killed despite following traffic rules

Safalya society at Gorai in Borivali (west) was plunged in grief on Saturday, as the family of Harish Kumar Pillai grieved his death. Pillai, a 31 year-old team leader with a BPO in Saki Naka, was crushed when a 17-ton double-decker bus toppled over him at the Kalanagar traffic junction in Bandra (east) on Friday. Harish was supposed to get married on May 3, at the Guruvayoor Temple in Matunga.

The victim, Harish Kumar Pillai

Santosh, Harish’s younger brother said, “I inspected my brother’s crushed bike. It had no blood or flesh on it, which proves that he parked his bike on the edge of the road and got off to attend to a call. In spite of following traffic norms, he was the one who was killed.” He added, “His wedding clothes were being altered at a tailoring unit in Matunga. He had a holiday because it was Good Friday, and had gone to pick up the clothes.”

Around 7.30 pm on Friday, Santosh, who works as a sales executive at a mall in Malad, got a call from his neighbours, who told him his brother was injured in a road accident.

Harish’s parents Ravindra (68) and Radha Pillai (55) are in shock since Friday evening. Santosh added, “My first priority now is to take care of my parents. It’s only after I pull them out of this despair that I will think of approaching the authorities to get justice for my brother.”

However, his maternal uncle, Nambiar KK said, “Thorough investigations must be carried out to ascertain whether the driver was guilty and if he is, he must be punished.” 

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