Health: 5 reasons why women gain weight post pregnancy

Feb 28, 2017, 15:52 IST | mid-day online correspondent

Here are 5 common reasons why women gain weight post pregnancy

Health: 5 reasons why women gain weight post pregnancy

Childbirth brings lot of changes in a woman’s life. Along with the addition of new responsibilities and challenges, new moms also tend to add more flab to their bodies and suffer from post pregnancy weight gain. Weight gain after pregnancy is a very common phenomenon, which if not tackled on time, may result in dire consequences in the future, like obesity, complicated pregnancy etc. Along with taking care of the babies, mothers should also take care of their health, at least during the initial days of motherhood.

Health: 5 reasons why women gain weight post pregnancy

Here are 5 common reasons why women gain weight post pregnancy:

1. Sleep deprivation: This is a very common cause of weight gain after pregnancy. Women get inadequate sleep during day and night, especially during the initial days of motherhood. Lack of sleep increases food cravings, meal portions, and unhealthy food intake. Increase in appetite eventually leads to weight gain.

2. Lack of exercise: New mothers ignore physical exercise and take inappropriate of themselves, which includes their tendency of weight gain. In many cases, women exercise for a short time to get back to their pre-pregnancy weight. Many new mothers often get discouraged by the results and leave exercise altogether. New moms should work out more and take a holistic approach focused on a long-term healthy lifestyle.

3. Cut the calories: As weight gain after pregnancy is a common phenomenon, mothers should keep a focus on their diet. To cut the calories, it is good to cut intake of junk food, sugary food and aerated drinks. They should include soup, salads, colourful fruits, lean meat, fish, whole wheat breads, oatmeal, and such other low fat healthy food in their platters.

4. Eating food off the child's plate: To finish of the meal, mothers’ have a habit of eating food from their child’s plate. This habit can only lead to weight gain, which can result in adverse consequences in the future. Do not overeat just for the sake of finishing off the meal.

5. Sitting down for longer time: Breastfeeding is one of the main reasons for sitting down for a longer period of time. Also, mothers spend more time sitting with their kids feeding or watching a movie. Inadequate body movement and such body posture result in fat accumulation over the belly and hip portions.

Pregnancy and childbirth bring lot of physical changes in the body. Hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, inadequate exercise, surgical causes, and inappropriate diet are some of the common causes of weight gain. Changes for good are always accepted, but such changes like obesity and disproportionate body can never bring long term happiness. To keep away from weight gain or to control it on time, mothers, especially the newbies, should ensure that they strike a balance their between diet and exercise.

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