Hollywood bigwigs blasted for their crummy fashion sense online

May 10, 2015, 08:10 IST | Ria Lawrence

The stars were bright and shining as they stepped out in daring outfits at the Met Gala, only to get majorly dissed on the web

With the who’s who from the music, television and film industry descending the stairs to attend the Met Gala, there was bound to be a ruthless fight for paparazzi attention.

The Met Gala, formally known as the costume institute gala, has always been known for bringing together the A-listers galore, in their best fashion choices.

And of course, this year didn’t disappoint, but what the event will probably be known for is it’s risqué fashion, which had the internet so interested, that it nearly broke under the weight of all the memes and jokes.

We give you a lowdown of the dresses that will probably be remembered for being the hot pot of dowdiness and raising up the weirdness meter.


Yellow trail
Not one for playing by the rules and an old red carpet favourite, Rihanna turned up in a yellow embroidered fur-trimmed cape by Gui Pei over a pink dress that was hardly visible and a trail that went as far as the sun. She was also wearing a headgear set that was just as striking as her dress. Needless to say, the Internet had a field day with all the pizza and omelette memes and jokes.

Katy Perry
Katy Perry

Spray can clutch
The singer made an entrance with a graffiti print dress and a spray can for a clutch bag along with a new pixie hair cut and loud make up. What perhaps made it even more awkward was when the queen of pop, Madonna, herself rocked the red carpet in a similar looking dress, but got more than just a nod of approval from fashion aficionados. The singer usually gets it right, but alas!

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Dragon flair
The Biebs always knows how to make news...and not always for the right reasons! The Baby hitmaker turned up in a tuxedo with a gold dragon embroidered velvet jacket and glares. If the theme was ‘gangster’, he would’ve probably nailed the look. Unfortunately it wasn’t even remotely close to the actual theme that was China: Through the Looking Glass.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Sarah Jessica Parker

Flaming headdress
The Sex and the City star doesn’t shy away from going all out with her bizarre fashion. This time round she took over the red carpet in a huge, red flaming headgear and a black dress that she designed herself. Such was the buzz around her odd headpiece that the Internet couldn’t resist making some  ‘Hail Satan’ jokes.

Anne Hathaway

Not particularly a red carpet favourite, Hathaway didn’t disappoint this year either. She turned up in a dusty gold, hooded dress with wrinkles all over, which didn’t particularly flatter her svelte frame, and a ear cuff . The dress seemed to remind Internet buffs of a certain Star Wars character and also drew comparisons to a Jedi knight.

Met Gala

‘No-tie’ affair
Unlike his gorgeous bride, who wowed at the Met Gala with a bright crimson John Galliano gown, Clooney failed to impress with his slightly disorderly look at the red carpet. Dressed in a classy black Armani tuxedo, Clooney usually manages to garner praise for his red carpet appearances. However, we wish he had waited to get inside the building before taking his tie off which of course got the internet reeling!

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