Hotheaded housekeeper stabs cafe chef 17 times

Jun 18, 2012, 07:08 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Committed crime to avenge alleged humiliation suffered at his superior's hands; accused is also wanted in another murder case in his hometown in West Bengal

The Khar police officials with the help of his best friend arrested a housekeeper, who had murdered his colleague Diwakar Mane, the chief chef of a famous wine cafe in Khar West in the wee hours of Saturday.

Brutal: The spot near Khar railway station where Dutt stabbed Mane 17 times

Shyamal Dutt (28) had planned to flee the city and was supposed to meet the friend to collect his belongings at Khar station, where he was nabbed on Saturday evening. Dutt had stabbed Mane 17 times.

According to the officials, besides being a short-tempered person, Dutt was a history-sheeter. He was wanted in his hometown, in West Bengal, for his involvement in a murder case. They said that after committing the crime in his hometown, Dutt had escaped to the city to evade arrest, and took up the job of a caretaker at the cafe some four months ago.

The officials said that Mane being his superior, would take digs at Dutt, and would torture him mentally and physically. This had left Dutt fuming.
The last straw was drawn when, on Friday, Mane asked the cafe manager to sack Dutt. Enraged by Mane’s action, Dutt decided to take revenge, and plotted his murder.

Gruesome murder
On Friday night, Dutt left the cafe early and took along a kitchen knife. API Nitin Patil of Khar police station said, “At 12.30 am on Saturday, Mane left the cafe and was walking towards the railway station, unaware that Dutt was following him. Assuming that the area was devoid of eyewitnesses, Dutt pounced on Mane, and stabbed him 17 times. He then threw the murder weapon onto the rooftop of a nearby shop and fled the spot.”

However, there were a few passers-by who witnessed the murder, and rushed to Mane’s aid. They took him to Bhabha Hospital where he was declared dead before admission.

Dutt then contacted his friend and told him to get his belongings at a particular spot near Khar railway station. It was here the police laid a trap and arrested Dutt. He immediately confessed to his crime, and during interrogation revealed that he had fled his hometown to evade arrest, as he was wanted in a murder case. Senior PI Mangesh Pote of Khar police station said, “The accused took this step in a fit of rage. He was booked under Section 302 of the IPC and was produced in the Bandra Holiday Court yesterday. Dutt has been remanded to police custody till June 28.” 

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