Hours after exposing corrupt cops, whistle-blower gets threat calls

Apr 12, 2013, 11:02 IST | Shiva Devnath

The activist said that the unidentified caller on Wednesday night threatened to stage his death in a road accident, or frame him for possession of illegal drugs or weapons

It is not easy to take policemen to task without facing retribution, and activist Mohammad Kasim Khan (47) has learnt this the hard way. Within just 24 hours of leaving police officers of Nehru Nagar station red-faced by exposing how they took bribes from him in broad daylight, he has been plunged into a quagmire of a backlash.

Mohammad Kasim Khan
Mohammad Kasim Khan

MiD DAY had carried a story yesterday with photographs from the sting conducted by Khan, in which police officers of different designations can be seen accepting bribes (‘35 cops caught on camera taking bribes worth Rs 45K’). Khan who captured the cops in the act of stuffing notes inside their pockets on his spy cam, received threat calls on Wednesday night from unknown persons. Officials of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) came knocking on his door in the wee hours yesterday, saying they wanted to record his statement.

“The unknown caller threatened to finish me off by staging a road accident. He threatened to implicate me on false allegations of stashing drugs or illegal weapons at home. My intention was to expose the nexus between corrupt officials of various government authorities, and not to malign them with false allegations,” stated Khan. He is now dithering over whether to approach the Nehru Nagar police, as he feels that he has incurred their wrath.

He added, “This is sheer harassment. When I was pursuing the ACB officials to take cognisance of my complaint they never gave me a sound ear. And now that the issue has shaken up the government, the ACB officials come knocking at my door at 2 am.

Why were they so eager to register my statement in the middle of the night? They could easily have waited till the next morning, as I am ready to cooperate with the investigating agencies.” Khan said that he is not happy with the suspension of only 37 officials, out of which only two are assistant sub-inspectors (ASI) and the remaining are police naiks and constables. “In my complaint, I have said that the officials have taken bribes to distribute among 110 police officials. 

I have even paid bribe to 55 BMC officials and not a single civic official has been taken to task so far. I gave a written complaint to additional municipal commissioner Rajiv Jalota,” Khan added. Ashok Khaire, deputy municipal commissioner of M (ward) said, “Our officials have demolished the illegal structure. If they had been bribed would they demolish the illegal construction?” 

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