How I became an ISIS suicide bomber: Areeb Majeed

Mar 18, 2015, 10:24 IST | Bhupen Patel

Mumbai youth Areeb Majeed recalls chilling details of how he tried to achieve martyrdom by participating in a suicide mission for ISIS, but failed

Weapons training
From Hudood Centre we were moved to Abdullah Azzam Moazkar centre, which was a half-hour drive away. Here we were taught to make landmines using fertilisers.

We were given training in handling AK-47 and after the training was completed, the weapons were handed over to us. Fahad clicked my photographs in a black T-shirt and blue jeans where I was holding an AK-47.

That picture was later uploaded by the ISIS on its official website. Likewise we were moved to several camps in Raqqah for different kinds of training from time to time and eventually we were brought back to Hudood Centre.

Rumour about my death
After the failed mission at Mosul dam, I participated in Igjimasi, (fighting with many weapons and then blow up with explosive belts) Each one of us was given a Russian AK- 47 rifle, sniper rifle, PKC machine gun, hand grenades and several rounds, Glock pistol. etc.

We engaged the Kurdish Army in battle at around 5 am and by evening a bullet hit my right arm and it pierced through my chest. I laid unconscious for two days in the camp.

The militants thought that I had died and they informed Saheem about it. Saheem then informed my parents about my death through WhatsApp. I was then admitted to Telafar General Hospital in Telafar city.

I tried to achieve martyrdom, but failed
After recovery, during another operation in Zammar, I was supposed to blow up the army battalion with a car carrying three tonnes of explosive. I waited for almost 20 days but the army had attacked a different place called Rabea.

We reached the war zone. I was moving towards the army and when they realised that I was a suicide bomber, they started firing at me. I sustained a bullet injury on my right hand. I returned to the medical centre for treatment.

By that time, some of the militants fighting with us abandoned us and ran away. However there were others along with me who fought back till there was a call to retreat. I tried my best to achieve martyrdom but failed. Eventually I decided to move to Syria.

Failed suicide mission
After the weapons training was completed, we came back to the Hudood Centre and stayed in the base camp. Saheem was sent to Ravia city for guarding duty. However, I chose martyrdom. On August 3, I was sent to Iraq with nine people; three including me were fidayeen. I had participated as Isteshaadi (suicide bomber) in that war.

The war was at Mosul dam that was surrounded by the army. It was decided that the team of ISIS militants would keep the army busy in fighting and while the army is retaliating, I would strike them with a vehicle loaded with 2.5 kg of explosive. Unfortunately, a day before the car was bombed in an air strike and the mission was called off.

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