I'd be embarrassed if I was playing: Border

Jul 23, 2013, 01:22 IST | Agencies

Allan Border, the former Australian captain who played a key role in the revival of Australian cricket in the 1980s is embarrassed by the performance of the top order batsmen.

“Watching today I could honestly say the nine, 10 and jack (No 11) looked more competent than our one, two and three.

Allan Border
Allan Border

“If that was me in the top three, I’d be embarrassed,” Border wrote to Cricket Australia’s subscribers as he delivered a brutally honest assessment, the Daily Mail reported.

England won the second Ashes Test within four days to hand Australia their sixth Test defeat in a row. It was also the first time England have won the first two Tests in a home Ashes series since W G Grace’s side in 1890.

“We need to settle on our best 11 and stay with it. I’m a believer in the pick-and-stick method, so we need to find our best 11 that’s suited to the conditions,” added Border.

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