I fell at her feet and begged to see my son: Makhdoom

Apr 16, 2009, 09:21 IST | Savie Karnel

Though Makhdoom gave up and committed suicide, he wanted the fight for his son to continue and left enough evidence that could nail his ex-wife

Though Makhdoom gave up and committed suicide, he wanted the fight for his son to continue and left enough evidence that could nail his ex-wife

Before Syed Makhdoom committed suicide, he stacked up evidence that showed his ex-wife as a thrice-divorced, blackmailing, hungry-for-money woman.

The 40-year-old Canadian national, who ended his life because he was not allowed to meet his son, left behind a dying declaration on video as well as documentary evidence to show that Muskaan Sehr married and divorced thrice for money before marrying him.

In his dying declaration, he said he was ending his life because he was betrayed by his wife. "I fell at her feet and begged to see my son. But to no avail."

The three marriages

The neatly documented file, which included her wedding pictures, said Muskaan worked as an HR manager and went by many alias names like Pinky, Aatika Tazeen and Atika Aslam.

She first married Aslam Jaweed of Chennai in 1997. "She divorced him in 1998 after forcing him to sign the talaq papers, and threatening that she would file a dowry harassment case against him," Makhdoom wrote.

She aborted a child from the first marriage and married Imtiaz Ahmed of Koramangala after changing her name to Aatika Tazeen in 1998. "She then threatened him, obtained a divorce and skinned him of his money, jewellery and belongings before deserting him," he wrote.

She then remarried her first husband Aslam Jaweed and changed her name to Aatika Aslam. When Aslam learnt that she had aborted his child without his knowledge, Aatika and her family disappeared from Chennai with jewellery and cash from his house. But before going, she filed criminal charges against him.

"This marriage was never annulled through khula, talaq or legal proceedings. Aslam Jawed confirms the same till date," he wrote.

She then came to Bangalore and changed her identity to Muskaan Sehr. She posted a profile on shaadi.com under the fake name "Aasmeen." It was through this portal that she met Makhdoom.

Marriage No 4

Under the heading Marriage Number 4, Makhdoom writes of his marriage in the third person. "She trapped an unsuspecting NRI by telling sorry stories of her divorce with Aslam Jaweed. However, she did not mention her three marriages and divorces. The entire family was deceptive... The marriage was rushed in a period of two weeks of Syed Ahmed Makhdoom's arrival in Bangalore-India," he wrote.

Makhdoom alleged that she blackmailed him for money and did not care for their son Syed Raiyyan. He also said that she demanded a divorce and filed a false dowry harassment case against him. "She took all jewellery and stole personal and confidential documents of Makhdoom from the marital home," he wrote.

Makhdoom also said that she was emotionally tormenting him by not allowing access to their son. He said that she physically abused the child, and asked her aged parents to take care of him.

Police have taken up a case of abetment to suicide against Muskaan and her parents, but they are all absconding.

Makhdoom's history
Makhdoom himself married thrice. His marriage with Muskaan was his second after a failed one with a Canadian national. After his relationship with Muskaan ended, he married a third time and lived with his wife in Bangalore. She was five months pregnant. Two days before committing suicide, he sent her to her parents' house in Ahmedabad.

Men's rights organisations will hold a candlelight march for Makhdoom on Saturday at 6.30 pm near the Gandhi statue on M G Road. You can view the video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrGmSI-xdTk&feature=email

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