I told him I love you, says Babul Supriyo

Aug 03, 2012, 08:56 IST | Shaheen Parkar

The singer on his recent interaction with renowned Dutch footballer Ruud Gullit

Singer Babul Supriyo seems to be making the most of his football passion. The crooner recently met legendary Dutch footballer Ruud Gullit. The former captain of the Netherlands team was on a visit to Kolkata and unveiled the jersey designed by Babul for the football club, Mohan Bagan.

Babul Supriyo
Babul Supriyo with Ruud Gullit

Says Babul, “I told him ‘I love you’ in Dutch. I have done several shows in Holland so am familiar with a few words. Ruud told me he is fond of Bollywood song-and-dance films. He even danced with some Mohan Bagan players to the song I composed for the club. Ruud’s father is from Surinam where there are several people of Indian origin from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar who speak Bhojpuri.”

As reported ‘New designs’ (Hitlist, July 30), Babul had used his daughter Sharmilee’s colour pencils to sketch the jersey’s design. Says the singer, “I am not a designer and my creation beat so many renowned designers. ” His proposal for an alternative to the tie-breaker during matches has been sent to the international football association.

India calling
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