I've bonded with Bond, finally: Rachel Weisz

Oct 10, 2011, 08:11 IST | The Hitlist Team

Rachel Weisz on husband Daniel Craig, upcoming films and wanting to come to India on a pleasure trip

Rachel Weisz on husband Daniel Craig, upcoming films and wanting to come to India on a pleasure trip

What role do you play in The Whistler Blower?
The Whistle Blower is basically a political thriller. I essay the role of this ordinary woman, Kathy Bolkovac, who has done extraordinary things. I play this Nebraskan police officer who takes a job working for the United Nations as a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia. As the plot unravels, she discovers a huge sex-trafficking scandal.

What drew you to this character?
The script was offered to me in 2006, but I couldn't cope with it at the time, as I was pregnant with my son.  However, the strange thing was I couldn't forget about it. I felt imbibed by the story, so I called the producer a couple of years later and said, "Remember that script The Whistleblower? And she said, "Yes."  She somehow got the script for me.

Did you have to undergo any special preparation for this role?
Yes I did. Since it's based on a real ex Nebraskan cop, I got a chance to hangout with her. She is a very high-spirited women, I was trying to emulate that spirit. I also met some cops here in New York - female cops. I guess that was the challenge - to be a cop from Nebraska. I'm from North London. It's very culturally different. I had to get her in my walk and center of gravity. 
Tell us about the other projects you are involved in...
Dream House is about to release soon. It's a fiction horror with Daniel (Craig, her actor husband). Other future movies include the untitled Terrence Malick project, a romantic drama with Jude Law called 360 and Oz: The Great And Powerful, where I play evil witch Evanora.
On the personal front, how's married life been with Daniel Craig?
Married life is Good. I have bonded with the Bond finally.
How would you describe him as a husband, and also a co-star?
He's a great guy and has bonded with my son pretty well. It's all going good. As a co-star, he is just different about his stuff � always wants to do something out of the blue. He basically thinks out of the box.

Both of you have kept a low profile ever since you tied the knot. Why?
We've both decided not to talk about our personal lives too much. We want to be great actors, not great celebrities.
Any plans to come to India, especially since your film will premiere at the MAMI festival here?
I would love to come to India for pleasure, because I have heard so much about the spirituality the country holds and also its rich culture.
What are your expectations from your Indian audience?
I keep getting mails from some of the wonderful fans appreciating my work out there. I am hoping for the best this time too.

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