Ian Botham reveals affair with Aussie waitress 'nearly cost him everything'

Feb 13, 2014, 23:48 IST | Agencies

Cricket legend Sir Ian Botham admits affair with waitress Kylie Verrells began when he was in Australia to commentate on the 1998 Ashes tour and nearly cost him his marriage

Sydney: Former England Test captain Sir Ian Botham has revealed that his affair with an Australian waitress had cost him ''nearly everything'' and made him realise that he had been a ''terrible'' husband and father.

The former England all-rounder however, insisted that his 37-year marriage is now stronger than ever.

Botham and wife Kath
Sir Ian Botham with his wife Kath. Pic/MiD DAY Archives

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the legend's affair with Kylie Verrells began when he was in Australia to commentate on the 1998 Ashes tour and she served him lunch in a Sydney restaurant, although in 2001, Verrells spilled the beans on the affair to the media when Botham refused to keep an alleged promise to leave his wife.

The former England cricketer, whose son admitted that his father was not a good husband and father, said that he was forced to rebuild relationships with his wife and their three children after they discovered his betrayal, adding that the news that he was about to be exposed made him confess his betrayal to his family.

Stating that he felt a mixture of trepidation and relief when forced to confess, Botham said that he suddenly realised that he has made a massive mistake, which had almost cost him everything that is important to him, adding that his children were hurt more than he realised.

However, Botham said that he is very happy now and believes that his marriage has got stronger over the years despite the numerous highs and lows that almost threatened to break it down.

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