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Oct 07, 2013, 23:34 IST | The Centrestage Team

Former Beatles singer Sir Paul McCartney likes writing music in toilets, bathrooms and in cupboards

CS lists some interesting trivia on him.

>> As a young boy, he took formal music lessons, but preferred to learn by simply listening to musical instruments. He taught himself the Spanish guitar, trumpet and piano.

>> He is listed as the most successful composer and recording artist by the Guinness World Records. He has 60 gold discs and sales of over 100 million albums and singles.

>> It was reported that he had died in 1966 and was secretly replaced by a look-alike. Clue-hunting proved infectious and had become an international phenomenon. Rumours
declined after a contemporary interview with McCartney was published in Life magazine in November 1969.

>> The 80’s were trying times for McCartney --he was arrested for marijuana possession in Japan which was followed shortly by the assassination of his long time partner and friend John Lennon.

>> In 2012, he performed with fellow rocker Bruce Springsteen at Hyde Park. The two legendary rock musicians performed two Beatles hits together. Unfortunately, the live jam was cut short by the authorities as it exceeded the time limit, both their microphones were turned off by event organisers. 

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