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Jul 11, 2017, 06:00 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

Behaviourists tell us that the inner workings of our subconscious minds are mysterious, and often run contrary to our outward behaviour

Kim Sharma, Arjun Khanna
Kim Sharma, Arjun Khanna

Behaviourists tell us that the inner workings of our subconscious minds are mysterious, and often run contrary to our outward behaviour. For instance, though we often try to conceal our deepest secrets from others, we end up offering obvious clues that reveal them to the world. Something of this nature appears to have occurred quite delightfully in the case of our friends, Kim Sharma, the perky YRF protégé, and dapper fashion designer Arjun Khanna.

As is known, both these attractive denizens of Bandra, have been denying any talk of a linkage. Both coincidentally, have been posting breath-taking selfies of themselves on an ongoing Italian trip — in solitary splendour. From romantic coffee shops in hidden nooks, to old ruins, to charming streetscapes, their social media posts have been charming one and all.

But here's where the subconscious mind comes in. Yesterday, within a few minutes of each other, both their timelines featured pictures of themselves - once more alone. But any alert (inquisitive) eye could spot the similarities in the settings: Same boat interior? Check; same upholstery on seat? Check; and here's the clincher: same bright green towel lying in the background? Yes, check! Then again it all can be a huge coincidence. Just sayin.'

Interesting argument
With the ongoing political narrative of a highly polarised media being viewed by the power that be as 'with us' and 'against us', this recent account by a media insider of his convo with a high-profile TV anchor heading his own channel today, and perceived by many as an integral part of the 'with us' grouping, had us bemused.

"I've known him from the time that he was at his first job working for a Delhi-based TV network and his political views weren't always like this. So I asked him outright why his channel only went after opposition parties and why he didn't ever criticise the ruling regime or run stories that were critical of the right wing", he recounts.

To which the high decibel gent allegedly responded with, "That is unfair, just yesterday I ran extensive coverage critical of the present regime at the Centre". How so? "I attacked the ruling party on why it had gone so soft on a formerly powerful son-in-law and his land deals," he said with a straight face. "I really had no response to that and dropped the issue altogether," narrated the media insider!

New direction?
A fly on the media wall informs us, that leading television critic and anchor Rajeev Masand, and the man with the most watched opposable thumbs in the business (his weekly ratings are said to be the things that top stars await with bated breath), is on the verge of announcing a big new career move.

Rajeev Masand
Rajeev Masand

The film buff, who has spent close to a decade with his current channel, has recently been heard talking about considering the option of branching out on his own, as its been a long time with his popular show. "It's not because he's run into difficulties with the channel or even that the show is flagging," says the source.

"In fact with his recent Ranbir-Katrina interview, where he has captured them at their real-est, ratings are even higher," she says. "It's just that he feels that if he was to do something on his own, this is the best time," she says. "But as he says, it's one of the toughest decisions he will ever take." Almost like the cliff hanger in one of the movies he so delightfully critiques each week.

Guess who came to dinner
Salman Rushdie fans will know of his passion for the universe of rock music. Indeed many of his novels - most famously, The Ground Beneath Her Feet - present characters and allusions to rock stars and culture.

Kiran Desai, a friend, Salman Rushdie and Bono
Kiran Desai, a friend, Salman Rushdie and Bono

And like many of his ilk, the celebrated author is particularly a fan of Irish singer-songwriter and U2 front man, the perennially and famously be-spectacled Bono, who appears to be a close friend too. So last month when the New York-based author brought in his 70th birthday, his friend made it a point to show up, and that too in exuberant spirits as captured in this picture.

What caught our attention was that not only did it capture the two men goofing around for the camera, but that one of the two equally exuberant women in the pic, happened to be the Booker prize-winning author Kiran Desai. As for the cane that Bono appears to be hungrily nibbling at, put it down to the 'one thing you need to own/And that is hunger/Hunger itself.'

Loving his work
Rohit Bal was so excited that his words ran into one another like an unbound stallion. We had called the Delhi-based designer to ask about his being invited to open for the upcoming and much awaited India Couture Week later in the month.

Jacqueline Lundquist, Rohit Bal, Rina Dhaka and Simar Duggal
Jacqueline Lundquist, Rohit Bal, Rina Dhaka and Simar Duggal

"For the past year I have been researching vintage royal costumes from the Mughal period to the Ottoman empire at the V &A, and other museums across the world," he said. "What I have learnt is incredible in its beauty. Tea stained old silks, exquisite saris and shawls, turbans and brooches," he said conjuring up vivid images.

Some of Bal’s works for the show
Some of Bal's works for the show

"This collection is my tribute and interpretation of all that I imbibed. You could say it's a recreation, my twist on it all," he said, sounding like a fashion newbie on the eve of his first show and not like the celebrated industry leader he was. "It's going to be a really special show, which is why we have limited the audience to 200 people," he added, "and there will also be an installation outside which in itself will be so beautiful." Who did he see as the embodiment of this splendour we enquired.

"Off the top of my head, I'd say one someone like the iconic Ma Cooch Behar, mother of Ayesha Jaipur, who was celebrated internationally for her beauty and style," he said, adding, "The funny thing is that at those times men were dressed even more flamboyantly and beautifully than their womenfolk. I guess someone like Maharajah Bhupinder Singh of Patiala comes to mind."

Commenting about his palpable excitement we asked the veteran how he still managed to throw himself with such gusto into every new creation. "That's because I absolutely love what I do. Love, love love…" he said, sounding like a galloping steed at full speed.

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