IPL Chargesheet Revealed: When Sreesanth lost his cool over a mobile

Aug 12, 2013, 08:35 IST | Bhupen Patel

Phone calls monitored revealed how the cricketer struck a deal through Jiju to 'fix' performance in IPL

Around 5.54 pm, a call between Ajit Chandila and former cricketer and bookie Amit Singh was intercepted in which it was decided that Chandila would give a signal before bowling his second over -- the fixed one in which he would give away 14 or more runs.

Rajasthan Royals Ajit Chandila had told bookies that he would raise his T-shirt before bowling the over in which he would concede 14 runs. However, he forgot to do so, causing a lot of anger among the bookies

Transcript of call between Ajit Chandila and
Amit Singh Recorded on May 5 at 17.54

Ajit Chandila: Bhai mujhe jaane de, main signal dunga. Theek hai

Amit Singh: Huh

Ajit: Pehla over toh jaane do. Main dekhlunga apne hisaab se

Amit: Nahi, nahi pehla over to accha jaye

Ajit: Pehla over accha gaya toh?

Amit: Confidence rakhkar ball dalna

Ajit: Confident hokar ball dalunga.

Amit: Indication tereko malum hai na, kya dena hai?

Ajit: T-shirt dono upar karna hai aur sir niche karna hai.

Amit: Main udhar hi rahega, uss din jaisa mat karma, theek hai bhai?

Ajit: Nahi nahi, indication dekar hi rahunga. Jo bola woh hoga. Theek hai.

At the match, Chandila bowls his first over in which he gives away 9 runs. In his second, he gives away 14 but forgets to give the signal, causing rifts between Chandila and the bookies.

Phone calls monitored between Sreesanth, Patel and Manan revealed that the cricketer had struck a deal through Jiju for the match. Amit Singh was the prime facilitator of the deal.

Sreesanth bowling against Kings XI Punjab. The towel was an indication to bookies that Sreesanth was going to throw away runs in the over

Surveillance revealed that Sreesanth would deliver a ‘fixed’ performance during the second over of his spell, before which he would give a signal by tucking a towel in his trousers. It was decided that he would give away 14+ runs in that particular over.

Transcript of call between Sreesanth and Jiju
Recorded on May 6 at 17.40

Sreesanth: Hello

Jiju: Main room mein hu

Sreesanth: Tu uss motey ke saath mat jana

Jiju: Mote ke saath kaun jaa raha hai, main akele jaunga

Sreesanth: Tum phone kharidlo

Jiju: Chahiye? Aake main dekhta hoon kitna mil raha hai, baki laga dunga paise. Kyu kharch karna hai? Abhi dus mila hai, tujhe deta hu saat, yaha rakha hai. Tereko de dunga. Kuch bhi chahiye batana.

Sreesanth: Usme se ek le jakar tum phone kharid lo.

Jiju: Wahan se milna hai to lenge baki dekh lenge. Paise save karo kuchh.

Sreesanth: Ab le le

Jiju: Woh ladka mujhe leney aa raha hai. Aaj sham tujhe phone lekar aoonga, kaunsa colour?

Sreesanth: 8 ya 8.30 tak room mein milna, phir milkar office chalenge.

Later in the day, another 32- minute-long conversation: (Jiju went to Crystal Palm Mall in Jaipur and called up Sreesanth to ask which phone he should buy for him)

Jiju: 10 chahiye?

Sreesanth: Do Z-10 lelo

Jiju: Do ka paisa mere paas nahin hai

Sreesanth: Tereko maine bola tha ki ek leke jao

Jiju: Ek lene ke liye dekha to 50 hi mila. Z-10 lena hai ya Bold 4 lena hai? Ek Z-10 lekar aa jaoon?

Sreesanth: Ek Z-10 hai

Jiju: Haan kab dena hai? Kal dena hai?

Sreesanth: Nahi aaj dena hai

Jiju: Theek, jo haath mein hai usey leta hoon

Sreesanth: Tu pagal, bewakoof hai kya?

Jiju: Hey bhagwan!

Sreesanth: Arrey, tereko kya bola tha... ek lakh rupiya saath leke jaane ke liye nahin bola tha?

Jiju: Kuch bhi ho lekar aa raha hoon

Transcript of call between Jiju and Amit Singh
Recorded on May 9

Through the call it was ascertained that Amit had engaged Sreesanth through Jiju for spot-fixing. Jiju is heard talking to Amit about Sreesanth’s performance. Amit is heard complaining that if Sreesanth could have given 14 runs in the match, the bookies would have made more profits.

Jiju: Hello?

Amit: Haan maine baat kar liya

Jiju: Haan.

Amit: Minus mein hai yaar. Aapko pehle saaf bataya tha ki ek minus hai. 14+ hote to fayda tha.

Jiju: Haan woh baat sahi hai.

Amit: Maine kaha ki usne mehnat ki hai.

Jiju: Sreesanth ne word to rakha naa.

Amit: Woh bol raha hai, they lost. Session yahan hisab se hota hai.

Jiju: Nahin, nahin doubt wala baat hi nahin. Amit: Tune Sree ko bataya tha kya?

Jiju: Sab kuchh bataya tha. Everything was clear yaar.

Amit: Usne wide ball kyun nahin dala?

Jiju: Usne last ball dala tha wide ke liye, lekin Gilchirst ne us wide ball par chauka maar diya.

Amit: I totally understand. Main lad raha hoon uske liye.

Jiju: Short ball dala, full ball dala, usne (Shawn Marsh) kuchh maara hi nahin tha. He did everything which was asked. Unluckily ek run short ho gaya.

Amit: Unse (bookies) se baat karta hoon, mujhe thoda time do, batata hoon.

Jiju: Theek hai, jo diya hai (Rs 10 lakh) woh wapas toh nahin lega?

Amit: Sree ko keh dena ki Amit bhai try kar rahe hain. Nuksan nahin hone denge.

Jiju: Haan woh to obvious hai. 

A conversation before the match reveals that Ankeet Chavan had fixed a deal of Rs 60 lakh to give away more than 14 runs in the match. 

Ankeet Chavan had fixed a Rs 60-lakh deal to concede more than 14 runs in the match. Pic/Atul Kamble

Transcript of call between Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan
Recorded a month before the match

Ankeet: Haan, Ajit

Ajit: Haan sir

Ankeet: Kaha par ho?

Ajit: Mein room main hoon

Ankeet: Accha, accha main nikla hu bahar, jara jaa raha hu.

Ajit: Kar du na.

Ankeet: Haan par kitna?

Ajit: 12

Ankeet: Woh zyada bol raha hai.

Ajit: Arrey maine bol diya usko.

Ankeet: Chalo theek hai.

Ajit: Aur 60 bol diya maine usko

Ankeet: Haan

Ajit: Done ho gaya, theek.

Ankeet: Haan

Ajit: Woh pehle wristband ko ghumayega.

Ankeet: Haan haan.

Ajit: Tu 9 ya 10 (over) kar raha hai. To usme bhi karna aur ya power play mein kar raha hai to usmein bhi karna.

May 15/16
After intercepting and listening in on thousands of calls between cricketers, fixers and bookies, officials from the Special Cell gathered ample evidence to build a watertight case against the accused.

Click to view: Midnight chase through the streets of Bandra led to Sreesanth's arrest

With ample evidence in hand and the simultaneous arrest of bookie Ramesh, the Delhi police fearing the sabotage of their investigations, Delhi Crime Branch officials arrived in the city and made seven arrests in the case -- Sreesanth, Chavan, Chandila, Jiju Janardhan, Amit Kumar and fixer and bookie Manan Bhatt, and Chandresh Patel.

Meanwhile, the Delhi team identified seven fixers Tinku Mandi, Ajay Goyal, Amit Gupta, Dipit Garg, Ramakant Aggarwal, Deeepak Kumar and Rakesh alias Rocky

On May 15, cops arrested Sreesanth for his involvement in the IPL spot-fixing scandal. He gave away 13 runs in his over as per the instructions and also tucked a towel in his trousers to give bookies a signal. File pic

May 19
Officials conduct a raid in Aurangabad and arrest cricketer Manish Guddewar and bookies Kiran Dhole and Sunil Bhatia, all residents of Nagpur. Cops found cheques paid by Chandila after he failed to give the signal in the May 5 match from the trio.

May 21
Ranji level player Baburao Yadav, resident of Nagpur is arrested in Delhi

May 24
Mohammad Yahiya alias Yusuf, a resident of Hyderabad was arrested from Hyderabad International Airport while he was trying to escape to Dubai. (Parallel investigations into the case by Mumbai police revealed that Vindoo Dara Singh, the son of actor Dara Singh had tipped off Yusuf about his arrest)

May 21
Another bookie Babu Sunil Chander Saxena, an associate of Yusuf and a resident of Hyderabad was arrested.

May 27
Bhupender Nagar was arrested from Noida. He had helped the various bookies to arrange meetings with Chandila. Nagar was arrested with Vikas Chaudhary alias Vicky, Nitin Jain and Vinod Sharma.

May 29
Abhishek Shukla, a close friend of Sreesanth was arrested from Bandra in Mumbai. Shukla had received Rs 5.5 lakh from Sreesanth, which the latter had received from several bookies.

June 8
Delhi police receives the custody of Ramesh Vyas who was arrested in a parallel operation conducted by the Crime Branch in Mumbai.

June 11
Accused Firoz Farid Ansari who is believed to be closely associated with the D-gang was arrested from Mumbai. Ansari is believed to be handling the entire Mumbai territory with Vyas on behalf of oversea-based syndicate. He had passed on the information regarding Mandi’s arrest to Salman alias Master, a Pakistan- based D-gang associate.

June 27
The Special Branch officials arrested a fixer Jitendra Kumar Jain alias Jeetu Tharad from Ahmedabad. He was involved in fixing of cricketers Sreesanth, Chavan and Chandila and others. He was also found to have visited foreign tours to attempt fixing of international as well as domestic players.

August 6
Delhi Police arrested bookie -- Chandresh Jain alias Jupiter, who was in direct touch with the underworld masters in Pakistan and had, in fact, introduced Ramesh Vyas to Dr Javed Chutani. 

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