Is PS4 strictly for the hardcore gamer?

Updated: Feb 25, 2014, 13:42 IST | Tarun Sharma |

Does the PS4 justify the long marketed hype and delay, which Sony had created for more than a year? Sure, it satisfies users but then again, we still believe it’s a bit premature with few games to choose from

20 years ago, the first ever PlayStation (PS) was introduced. Special thanks to Nintendo for spoiling the deal with Sony, which led the Sony President to appoint Ken Kutaragi (The Father of PlayStation) to develop the PlayStation project to beat Nintendo.

The console and camera of Playstation 4 are gamechangers

Since then, the face of the gaming industry has changed and the bar is constantly raised with subsequent releases and huge successes of the PS2 and PS3. Eight years after the launch of PS3, techies and gamers have reason to be joyous once again: enter PS4.

The Dualshock 4

With its sleek jet-black lightweight body it looks the part. Yet what immediately grabbed the eye was the new Dualshock4 controller. We can easily say that this is the best Playstation controller till date. Its smooth edges, good thumb grip and faster responding sticks are made for long hour gamers. The added feature to the Dualshock4 is the touchpad, which is interesting along with the in-built speakers. The user interface is an improvement as the navigation and loading time really make a difference.

The crucial factor, its graphics, is a huge improvement. Playing FIFA 14 on PS3 and then on PS4 is almost like initially driving in potholed Mumbai and then shifting gears to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. Thanks to the 8-Core AMD “Jaguar” 2.75 GHz and Custom AMD Radeon 18 Compute Units (1152 shaders) 800 MHz it is way faster than its predecessor and competitor Xbox One. It affirms its next-gen tagline here. Online gameplay has also improved by upgrading the in-built Wi-Fi, which also servers for remote play with your vista.

We feel that not just FIFA 14 but other games also, haven’t figured out the potential of PS4, which in the long run leaves room for improvement. Another letdown is that the PS4 doesn’t come with a PS Camera unlike the Kinect in Xbox one, which is not a downer as even if you buy the PS camera separately it will still costs less than an Xbox One.

Available At: All leading gaming stores.
Cost: Rs 39,900

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