Is your bike geared for the monsoon?

Jul 20, 2012, 10:01 IST | The Guide Team

Expert tips on how to get cruisers road-ready, this season

1. Keep the chain clean and lubricated: Apart from reducing sound — a screeching sound can indicate that the chain needs to be cleaned and greased — keeping the chain lubricated also helps prevent slipping, which could result in a loss of traction. To clean the chain, remove it and wash it in a solvent, like kerosene, for example, to remove grease. Grease it once you placed it back on the bike.

Wiping the bike with a dry or damp rag is sufficient for daily cleaning, suggest the experts

2. Check tyre treads: Tyre tread markers are the raised rubber squares that come in contact with the road. If you run your finger over the treads and they are even to the rest of the tyre, it indicates that the tyres need to be replaced.

3. Have tyre pressure checked regularly: This is the best way to ensure that the wheels are firm and properly aligned.

4. Get insides of the tyres and the chrome parts painted with anti-rust solvent. This helps increase their longevity. Also have broken spokes replaced.

5. “Get electricals checked, so that there is no space for water to seep in to the coils or the ignition,” says Gurinder Singh, president of Bisons Ride Hard, a group for Royal Enfield enthusiasts in the city.

6. “Get your bike serviced once a week before going on a trip. Flaws need to be tuned and the oil needs to be changed before you go cruising,” advises Singh. 

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