'It was a case of misidentification'

Aug 13, 2012, 06:33 IST | A correspondent

While cops claim the attack on MiD DAY's senior photographer Atul Kamble was a case of misidentification, the visuals show that the authorities grabbed his camera and brutally assaulted him

A day after the city was rocked by the riots at Azad Maidan, investigations are ongoing and cops are attempting to ascertain the cause and arrest of those responsible for the violence. However, MiD DAY’s photographer Atul Kamble, who was attacked by the police during the riots, is still waiting for a reason as to why he was brutally assaulted.

Azad Maidan, Atul Kamble, DAY's senior photographer, misidentification, lathi-charged
Caught on camera: On Saturday, Atul Kamble, MiD DAY’s senior photographer was present at Azad Maidan when the riots broke out. The cops lathi-charged Kamble owing to which he sustained severe injuries to his head, hand and spine

On Saturday, the senior lensman was at the venue, when the riots broke out and he, along with other media persons tried to capture the images of the violence.

However, the authorities lathi-charged him causing injuries to his head, hand and spine. The authorities also snatched his camera and damaged his lens, without giving him time to provide any explanation.

When MiD DAY contacted various senior level officials, several promises were made stating that such incidents would not be repeated in the future.

As to why a media person was attacked with such brutality, Nisar Tamboli, the spokesperson for the Mumbai police, said, “It was a matter of confusion. He (Atul) was attacked owing to misidentification. We will try to ensure that such incidents do not repeat in the future.”

Sanjeev Dayal, Director General of police (DGP), Maharashtra Police refused to comment on the matter. He in turn directed the issue to the Commissioner of Police saying, “I am not aware of the incident regarding Atul Kamble. Please speak to the Commissioner Arup Patnaik.”  

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