I've never heard so much laughter in my life: Divya Palat

May 04, 2014, 11:40 IST | Deepali Dhingra

With Imps — A Comedy Revue, theatre director Divya Palat tries her hand at something different on stage. The response, she says, has been incredible

when Divya Palat started Imps, an improvisational acting course almost 10 years ago, she had no idea that thousands of students, professionals, and even grandparents would benefit from it over the years. “I wanted to make theatre less intimidating,” she says, “Many people do theatre during their school and college days, but leave it once they get a job. I wanted to show that even people working in corporates and banks can do it.” Some of the participants included Apeksha Patel from Procter & Gamble and Ajay Simha who works with Nivea.

One of the performances at Imps — A Comedy Revue

Imps has certainly seen a lot of success, with a number of shows put up every year by the participants. But what the audience got to be a part of this Wednesday at the National Centre of Performing Arts (NCPA) was something else — and boy, did they love it! “We put up Imps — A Comedy Revue. It’s a new idea which I was trying and I think it worked very well,” says Palat. The theatre producer and director explains that the best of comedy was showcased as part of the revue. “We had 10-minute long plays called skits, sketches, which were two to three minutes long, stand-ups and then improv.

Nobody had tried mixing comedies together and I wanted to see whether I could mix the same genre,” she adds.
And the response? “I don’t think I’ve heard so much laughter in my life,” she exclaims. Palat is now recuperating from the rehearsal schedule, with a well-deserved weekend break in Goa with her cocker spaniel Cookie. “I have just been catching up on my sleep. I’m probably the only person who will come back from Goa without a tan,” she laughs.

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