Jagran Film Festival: The show has just begun

Updated: Jul 05, 2014, 09:13 IST | Malavika Sangghvi

Even as the curtains go up on the 5th Jagran Film Festival in Delhi, we bring you the screening schedule for the much looked forward to four-day event…

Siri Fort Auditorium 2
July 5, 2014 (Saturday)
9.30 am:. Indian classics movie

11.30 am: Indian classics movie

1.30 pm: Indian classics movie

6.30 pm: Inaugural ceremony followed by screening of the Film Ugly (Opening film) Special Screening
Dir: Anurag Kashyap
Hindi/128Mins/EST/India/2014 (Special Invites Only)

8.00 pm: Kya Dilli Kya Lahore
Dir: Vijay Raaz

July 6, 2014 (Sunday)
9.30 am: Kanyaka Talkies
(Virgin Talkies)
Dir: K. R. Manoj
Malayalam/115 Minutes/EST/India/2014/IS

11.30 am: Shahid
Dir: Hansal Mehta
Hindi/123 min/EST/india/2013/IS

1.30 pm Gulab Gang
Dir: Soumik Sen
Hindi/140 min/EST/India/2014/IS

4.30pm: Shudh Desi Romance
Dir: Maneesh Sharma
Hindi/140 min/EST/India/2013/IS

6.30pm: The Lunchbox
Dir: Ritesh Batra
Hindi/105 min/EST/India/2013/IS

8.30pm: Manjunath
Dir: Sandeep A. Varma
Hindi/129 min/EST/In
July 7, 2014 (Monday)

9.30am: Fish N Chips
Dir: Elias Demetriou
Greek/102 min/2011/CF

11.30am: Punjab 1984
Dir: Anurag Singh
Punjabi/138 Minutes/EST/India/2014/IS

1.30 pm: Netaji Subhash
Chandra Bose
Director: Shyam Benegal

4.30pm: Queen
Dir: Vikas Bahl
Hindi/146 Minutes/EST/India/2014/IS

6.30 pm: Q
Dir: Sanjeev Gupta
Hindi/96 Minutes/EST/India/2014/IS


8.00 pm: Highway
Dir: Imtiaz Ali
Hindi/133 min/EST/In

July 8, 2014 (Tuesday)
9.30am: Nayanchampar Dinratr
(The Tale Of Nayanchampa)
Dir: Sekhar Das
Bengali/120 Minutes/EST/India/2014/IS

11.30 am: Kerala Verma
Pazhassi Raja
Director: Hariharan
Malayalam/200 min/EST/India/2009/COU

1.30 pm: A Rainy Day
Dir: Rajendra Talak
Marathi/90 min/EST/India/2014/IS


4.30 pm: Ankhon Dekhi
Director: Rajat Kapoor
Hindi/107 min/EST/India/2014/IS

6.30 pm: Dekh Tamasha Dekh
Director: Feroz Abbas Khan
Hindi/98 min/EST/India/2014/IS

8.00 pm: Madras Cafe
Dir: Shoojit Sircar
Hindi/110 min/EST/In

Siri Fort Auditorium 3
July 5, 2014 (Saturday)
10am: Indian classic movie

12noon: Indian classic movie

8.30pm: The Woods Are Still Green
Director: Marko Nabersnik
106 Minutes/EST/
Opening Film- Foreign Feature

July 6, 2014 (Sunday)
10am: Break Loose
Director: Aleksey uchital
Russian/85 Minutes/EST
Asian Premiere

12noon: The Gambler
Director: Ignas Jonynas
Lithuania/144 minutes/EST/Lithuania/2013 /IC
Asian Premiere

2pm: Supernova
Director: Tamar van den Dop
Dutch/90 min/EST/ Netherland/2014/IC
Asian Premiere

4.30pm: Death & Tanya
Director: Taishi shiode
80 Minutes/Japan/ EST/2014/IC
Asian Premiere

6.30pm: Beatriz’s War
Director: Luigi Acquisto & Bety Reis
Portuguese/ 98 min./EST/
East Timor/2013/COU

8.30pm: Cowboys
Director: Tomislav Mrsic
Croatian/107 min/EST/Croatia/2013/IC
Asian Premiere
July 7, 2014 (Monday)

10am: Ulgulan- Ek Kranti
Director : Ashok Sharan
143mins/Hindi/India/2012 /COU

12noon: A Patriotic Man
Director: Arto Halonen
Finnish/ 97 min/EST/Finland/2013/IC
Asian Premiere

4.30pm: To Kill A Man
Director: Alejandro Fernandez
Spanish/82 min/EST/
Chile –France/2014/IC
Asian Premiere

6.30pm: Takao Dancer
Takao Dancer
Dir: Wenshing Ho, Ouchal Hwang
Mandarin/100 min/EST/Taiwan/2013/IC
Asian Premiere

8.30pm: Outside The Law
Dir :Rachid Bouchareb
French-Arabic/138 min/EST/
France, Algeria,Tunisia,

July 8, 2014 (Tuesday)
10am: A Woman As A Friend
Director: Giovanni Veronisi
Italian/90 Minutes/EST/ Italy/2013/IC

12noon: Barbarians
Director: Ivan Ikic
Serbian/87 min/EST/Serbia/2014/IC
Asian Premiere

2pm: The Man Of The Crowd
Director: Marcelo Gomez
Portuguese/95 Minutes/EST/IC
Asian Premiere

4.30pm: Bad Hair
Director: Mariana Rondon
Spanish/93 Minutes/EST/2014Venezuela /IC
Asian Premiere

6.30pm: The Trial Of Joan Of Arc
Director: Robert Bresson
French/65 min/ EST/France/1962/COU

8.30pm: Revival
Director: Alice Nellis
90 Minutes/Czech Republic/2013/IC
Asian Premiere

Siri Fort Auditorium 4
July 5, 2014 (Saturday)

11 am: Indian classic movie

2 pm: Indian classic movie

7.30 pm: Battleship Potemkin
Dir: Sergie Eisensien
Silent/75 min/EST/Soviet Union/1925/COU
July 6, 2014 (Sunday)

10am: Jagran Shorts
Director : Dawn Westlake
English/11 mins/USA/2013
At the Castle
Director: Franco Lorenzana
Director: Prantik Basu
The Great Escape
Director: Madhav Raj Saraogi
The Last Color
Director: Siddharth Chanakya Dhakre

11am: Casting: What Do The Directors Look For?
Sudhir Mishra
Anubhav Sinha
Subhash Ghei
Divya Singh, Casting Director And Actress
Audience : Actors

2pm: Investing In Films
A Losing Venture Or A Viable Option With Assocham
T P Aggarwal
Viivek Rangachari, Dar
Utpal Acharya, Reliance
Ravi Kottaraka, President FFI

4pm: Jagran Shorts (Special Spanish Collection)
A Political Story
Director : Lander Camarero
Spanish/11 mins/Spain/2013
Director: Aritz Moreno
Director: Borja Cobeaga
Hotzanak, for your own safety
Director: Izibene Onederra
Director: Raul De La Fuente

6pm: Block 12
Director: Kyriacos Tofarides
Greek /94 min/ EST/ Cyprus/ 2013/CF
Opening Film Country Focus

July 7, 2014 (Monday)

10am: Repeated
Jagran Shorts (Special Spanish Collection)
A Political Story
Director : Lander Camarero
Spanish/11 mins/Spain/2013
Director: Aritz Moreno
Director: Borja Cobeaga
Hotzanak, for your own safety
Director: Izibene Onederra
Director: Raul De La Fuente

11am: Is Independent Cinema Taking Over Bollywood?
Participants: Vijay Raaz
Amol Gupte
Shyam Benegal
Tp Agarwal
Moderator: Atul Tiwari

2pm: Visual Scripting: Art of Animation Storytelling.By Kireet Khurana
Audience: All Animators In Delhi, All Film Schools

4pm: Jagran Shorts
About A Month
Director : Andre Novais Oliveira
Three Stones for Jean Genet
Director : Frieder Schlaich
Kar Bhala
Director : Biswanath Rath
Electric Indigo
Director : Jean-Julien Collette
French/24 mins/France/2013
Vyom’s Letter
Director : Yogendra Saniyawala

6pm: Joy And Sorrow Of The Body
Director: Andreas Pantzis
Greek /149 min/ EST/Cyprus/2013/ CF

July 8, 2014 (Tuesday)
10am: Jagran Shorts
The Thief
Director : Shivangi Jain
Grrr… (The Roar)
Director : Niladri Chatterjee
Director : Chiang Chung-Chieh

11am: Writing On Cinema:
What You Need To Know
Participants: Saibal Chatterjee
Ajay Brahmatmaj
Namrata Joshi
Ira Bhaskar
Moderator: Prakash K Ray

2pm: Starting Small With Shorts
Aman Sachdeva,
Cyrus Dastur, Shamiana, Convener
Rajat Kapoor,
Damodar Naik
Gautam Ghose
Audience: All Film Schools

4pm: Committed
Director: Stelana Kliris
Cyprus/90 Minutes/EST
/Cyprus/2014/ CF

6pm: Kalabush
Director: Adonis Floridis and Theodoros Nikolaidis
Greek /90 min/EST/Cyprus/2002/CF

All films are subtitled in english language 

IC- International Competition
COU- Cinema Of the Uprising
IS- Indian Showcase
CF- Country Focus (Cyprus)
EST- English Subtitles

Screenings are limited to delegates/ audience of age 18+ only
Seats for all audience on first come first serve only
Schedule is subject to change without prior notice
Rights of entry reserved by Jagran

DISCLAIMER: mid-day and its affiliates shall have no liability for any views, thoughts and comments expressed on this article.

Watch video: Rishi Kapoor at 8th Jagran Film Festival

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