Jiah Khan case: Rabia's sting reveals discrepancies in police statements

Mar 04, 2014, 07:42 IST | Bharati Dubey

Deceased Bollywood actress Jiah Khan’s mother recorded conversations with key witnesses in her daughter’s death case and exposes how they are at odds with the police versions

Let down by the police probe in her actor-daughter’s death case, Rabia Khan, mother of Jiah Khan, personally questioned several key witnesses in the case which is so far thought to be a suicide and recorded the conversations. Her private investigation conducted during January-February bares many inconsistencies in the witnesses’ statements.

Rabia Khan has conducted a sting on the witnesses in the Jiah Khan case. Pic/Sayed Sameer Abedi
Rabia Khan has conducted a sting on the witnesses in the Jiah Khan case. Pic/Sayed Sameer Abedi

Rabia, who addressed a press conference on Monday afternoon, said that her life was under threat and that she has complained to the commissioner of police. She has also filed a writ petition based on her recordings, and asked for fresh investigations in the case.

The response she got from the watchman of Juhu’s Sagar Sangeet building, Jiah’s residence, doesn’t match with that of the florist from whom the bouquet she got right before her death was bought.

As per the transcripts, the building watchman, Surendra Yadav, told her that the man who came with the bouquet for Jiah, right before her death, told him he had to go back to the flower shop as he had forgotten something he needed to decorate the flowers.

Yadav said that just after the messenger returned with the bouquet, Jiah walked into the building. When the man left the building, Jiah came down and asked Yadav to throw the bouquet in a dustbin. When Rabia asked him if he showed the police the bin in which had thrown the flowers, Yadav replied in the negative.

But the flower shop owner, Bahule, told her a different story. He said that the man who collected the bouquet for Jiah worked for her boyfriend Sooraj’s father, Aditya Panscholi. He said that the man never returned to the shop, as he had told the watchman.

He also said that the bouquet had a card that read ‘All the best’, which he claimed he had stapled on the plastic cover. Rabia Khan also recorded statements of Dr RK Agarwal, Anju Mahendru, Dr Rahul Dutta, whose statements contradict the police story.

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