Jiah Khan case: There were pieces of glass in Jiah's hand, says Pancholis' domestic help

Updated: 15 December, 2015 10:45 IST | Sailee Dhayalkar |

Devraj Chaudhari, alias Deva, a domestic help at the Pancholi household, who was a constant witness to Sooraj Pancholi and Jiah Khan's violent relationship, tells all to CBI

Devraj Chaudhari, alias Deva, a domestic help at the Pancholi household has, in his statement to the CBI, spoken about the regular fights between the couple, as also the several bouquets that Sooraj Pancholi would send to Jiah Khan via him.

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The late Jiah Khan (Pic/AFP); (Inset) Sooraj Pancholi
The late Jiah Khan (Pic/AFP); (Inset) Sooraj Pancholi

Deva, 25, says it was in November 2012, that he found out about Sooraj’s relationship with Jiah, through a newspaper article. He says he does not recollect the first time Sooraj asked him to deliver a bouquet to Jiah, but that soon, it became a weekly affair.

In his statement he also said that thereafter, Sooraj and Jiah would regularly stay over at each other’s homes. Deva says he would serve them food at both residences. There was one instance in November 2012, when Sooraj asked Deva to go to Jiah's Juhu home.

Deva says although he rang the bell, no one opened the door. Sooraj asked him to return home and then soon called and asked him to visit Jiah’s residence again. This time, Jiah opened the door and Deva saw that she was weeping. Her left hand had been injured and that she was bleeding from it.

Deva says in his statement that Jiah was in a drunken state. Deva also saw pieces of glass in her right hand. It seemed to him that she was trying to injure herself again, but he snatched the pieces from her and informed Sooraj who said he’d reach the house within a few minutes.

She was later treated and Sooraj, along with his friend Karan, are believed to have cared for her. Deva says he would go to Jiah’s home every few days to change the dressing and once even asked her why she had harmed herself, but she didn’t reply. After this incident, Jiah would visit Sooraj’s home every day.

Deva stated that once they also were shouting at each other but he couldn’t understand over what because they were speaking in English. In January 2013, Deva was asked by Sooraj to visit Jiah and enquire about a problem she was facing. When he went there, Jiah told him that her legs were paining because of cramps.

On the same day, she complained about the pain again. This is when Sooraj visited her with Deva and accompanied her to hospital. In March 2013, when he opened the door of Sooraj’s home, he saw Jiah standing outside with a luggage in hand, weeping.

Deva said that Jiah and Sooraj spoke with each other and Sooraj said he would meet Jiah’s mother. He asked Deva to not allow Jiah to enter the bathroom. After that there were two instances when Jiah stayed over at Sooraj’s residence.

On the day of her death, Deva had delivered a bouquet to Jiah with an ‘All The Best’ note. At 10.30 pm on the same day, when Jiah was calling constantly, Sooraj asked Deva to tell her he was busy with his father. Deva then saw Jiah in the premises of their building and informed Sooraj.

Thereafter, Deva says he saw Sooraj shouting on the phone to someone, and guessed it was Jiah. At night, he spotted Aditya Pancholi, Sooraj's father worried. It was on the next day that Deva found out that Jiah had committed suicide.

First Published: 13 December, 2015 13:55 IST

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