'Jigna Vora's role in killing Dey is undeniable'

Jun 10, 2012, 10:52 IST | Samarth Moray

Cops answer five thorny questions pertaining to the J Dey murder

Why did the police believe Chhota Rajan’s story that journalist Jigna Vora instigated him?
Rajan repented his actions in TV interviews. It is our job to lay the evidence we gather before the court. Now the Court will decide whether to believe him or not.

Jigna Vora, J Dey and Chhota Rajan

How does carrying conflicting stories amount to a ‘rivalry’ between J Dey and Jigna Vora?

Sources are valuable to journalists. There is resentment when a source feeds stories to rivals. That’s what happened between Dey, Vora and (Rajan aide) Farid Tanashah. We’re not saying she killed Dey. But her role is undeniable.

How is it unusual that a reporter called Rajan for an interview?
She was one of the last people to speak to him before the murder. If there are five persons in a room and one of them turns up dead, you immediately suspect the other four.

Isn’t it suspicious that Rajan called Manoj (accused Vinod Asrani alias Vinod Chembur’s relative) the same day inspector Sripad Kale got the required sanctions to tap his phone?
No. Can you rule out the possibility that there were other, more incriminating conversations before the phone was tapped?

Why would Chhota Rajan need Jigna Vora to pass on information about J Dey?
Why not? Assume we decided not to prosecute her. Journalists who had named her as being involved would have filed a writ petition criticising us. What would people think about us then? 

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