'Jodi Breakers' is once again in soup

Jan 12, 2012, 08:35 IST | Hiren Kotwani

Writer-director files a complaint against Madhavan and Bipasha's starrer with Film Writers Association for stealing her idea

Writer-director files a complaint against Madhavan and Bipasha's starrer with Film Writers Association for stealing her idea

Madhavan and Bipasha Basu's forthcoming rom-com, Jodi Breakers, seems to be running into a number of hurdles recently.

Bipasha Basu and R Madhavan in Jodi Breakers

The latest is that Insia Dariwala, a relatively new writer-filmmaker claims to be the original owner of the idea behind the film. She has even registered a complaint with the Film Writers Association.

An insider at the FWA reveals that Insia registered her complaint on Tuesday. "Insia had registered her script in September 2009. Now that her complaint has been registered, it should be processed in about two weeks," said our source at the association.

While we've heard of complaints being made for hijacking story ideas, this lady's case seems strange. A friend of the writer-director informs that she had never met Ashwini Chaudhary, the director of Jodi Breakers until recently, after hearing from friends that the promo seemed similar to her script.

The friend explained, "The idea of Jodi Breakers was given by Ashwini and company to the writer credited with the story of the film. He was told to develop the script and the screenplay.

The only difference is that in Insia's script, titled Nafratlal's, the guy and the girl, both jilted lovers decide to get together and become professional jodi-breakers. And while the girl initiated the plan of action in Nafratlal's, Madhavan's character does it all in Jodi Breakers."

Needless to say, when Insia met Ashwini to discuss the similarities, he's believed to have claimed it was completely his idea.

"Seems Ashwini said that now that his film is ready for release, and he hasn't heard of Insia's script, he can't be accused of stealing her story. However, he did assure her that if she could prove that the script was hers, he'd sack his writer and give Insia the credit."

Now unfortunately for Insia, the filmmaker claims to have got the Jodi Breakers script in March 2009. "That's about six months before Insia registered Nafratlal's. However in 2008, Insia had discussed the idea with Sachin Khot, director of Ugly Aur Pagli.

She asked him to show the first page of the registered script to check the date. But Ashwini isn't mailing the scanned copy either. This means that he's probably lying that he registered the script of Jodi Breakers in March 2009," pointed out Dariwala's friend.

Interestingly, Ashwini is also planning a sequel titled Jodi Makers. "He told Insia that if this case doesn't sort out for her, he'll assign her to script the sequel to Jodi Breakers. More so because he knows that after his film's release, it will be impossible for Insia to find a producer to back her Nafratwalas Inc," Dariwala's friend said.

Dariwala declined to comment, saying the matter is with FWA. On his part, Ashwini Chaudhary said, "Had Insia narrated the idea to me or any of my team members, it would have been another thing. However, it's a coincidence that both of us came up with the same idea.

As far as I know, my script is original. Besides, just on the basis of the promos, you can't say it's the same script. In fact, it was I who suggested her to approach the Film Writers Association, so that things could be clarified."

Double trouble
After reports of the film being inspired by the Hollywood flick, Heartbreaker, the makers have run into legal trouble with another production company. The company that produced Rascals last year is suing the makers of Jodi Breakers for stealing their project.

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