Journalist Manish Pachouly's book on the Sheena Bora murder case has a lot to reveal

Jan 07, 2018, 18:01 IST | A Correspondent

In this telephonic transcript from a new book on the Sheena Bora murder case, journalist Manish Pachouly shows how Indrani Mukerjea tried to convince Rahul that she wasn't aware of her daughter's disappearance

Sheena Bora and Rahul Mukerjea were engaged, but their relationship caused frequent fights between Indrani and Peter
Sheena Bora and Rahul Mukerjea were engaged, but their relationship caused frequent fights between Indrani and Peter

Indrani and Rahul [Sheena's boyfriend] continue their conversation. She tells him that she was contacted by the HR manager of the company Sheena worked at. Apparently, Sheena had told the HR about taking a leave and that she had not formally resigned.

Indrani: I said when we spoke to this HR person, Mr [Shubodhoy] Mukherjee [Sheena's boss], now he said that she did inform him that she is going out of town or whatever. But there is no formal resignation or anything. She has to come out and formally resign.

Rahul: Right, there's a procedure to do things; otherwise people get worried.

Indrani Mukharjee
Indrani Mukharjee

Indrani: Exactly. Correct. Now you know, that is, it's beginning to concern me a little bit. But Peter also says that we should wait for three to four days, but anyway now we are… you know we have already kind of…

Rahul: Also, if you think about, it she has been working somewhere for the last few years, and she's been in a relationship for the last few years. Now suddenly she's gone off with some guy, left her job and also her relationship. But left her job and not told anybody and is unreachable. Her friends, the person she has been living with, her work people don't know. Obviously, there's gonna be [a] huge amount of concern.

Indrani: Nobody knows. That is the concern exactly. I know what you are saying Rahul. My only reason of beginning to get concerned is now that you have told me when Peter was saying you know… I mean he didn't get a chance to tell me in detail that friends have been trying to contact her on Facebook but she has not responded. See, she has consciously not responded is one possibility. You know, that is possible because who are the people we are going to ask? It's her friends, only you know. So that possibility is there, and I don't want to rule out that possibility. At least, if we know where she is then, she doesn't need to… and the thing is that she is not in touch with anybody at home. So there is no way of… Right now, at this point, she is in touch with me, and she is with you as a family. She is not in touch with anybody else.

Rahul: We have to find her, somehow bring her back. Indrani: Exactly, exactly, exactly. Even if she doesn't want to come, that is alright. I am just thinking what she expects from me. But even if she doesn't want to come she needs to be in touch with someone to say that I am okay, that's it. I don't want to see Rahul's face again that is you know… I don't want to come back to Bombay. I want to live in Nagpur. I want to stay wherever, that's alright.

Rahul: But it has to come from her. Indrani: That is what I am saying—that she needs to whoever that is that she wants to contact any of her friends whatever that she can do or she wants to contact me or you know…Let's do one thing. Now we have already got the ball rolling we wanted to just check. See there's nothing more at this point (inaudible). We have now approached the highest possible person that is available here and we have to give him a little bit of time too. You know, we have just registered this thing just now. Okay, we have informed just now when we spoke to you. Now post that we have to give a little bit of time to you know to get the things you know… and then we can take a call based on what they have to say… There's thing also his first reaction was you know if she has informed why then what is the this thing only because she has not been in touch with someone in the last 3 days or whatever. So he said let me try and find out the location where she will be. I don't know this thing, apparently, they can find out even if she puts a different SIM in her phone. They can locate.

Rahul: It's done from the phone as well as the SIM. Every phone has a phone identification number which you can track.

Indrani: Yeah, yeah, yeah. So he said let me at least so I will get a sense of this thing. So [if ] I know where the phone is then we will know she is in that location. So at least the location gets identified one is to look for her one is to know where she is she might be in Bombay she might be in Nagpur. We don't know where she is.

Rahul: We need to know where she is. We need to know [that] she is okay. We need to speak to her. We need to hear from her. She needs to…

Indrani: Correct, correct.

Excerpted with permission from The Sheena Bora Case, by Manish Pachouly, published by Roli Books

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