Kalamboli student suicide: Parents demand CCTV footage from previous day

Jul 20, 2015, 06:52 IST | Ankoor Anvekar

Salunkes have told the school management that they want to check CCTV recordings for July 16 from 7 am to 12 pm for the entire school

Two days after 13-year-old Vignesh Salunke jumped to his death from the terrace of the Kalamboli school where he studied, one of their neighbours and family friends Sanjay Lonkar said the Salunkes have told the school management that they want to check CCTV recordings for July 16 from 7 am to 12 pm for the entire school.

Lonkar added these were Vignesh’s school timings and the family wants to scrutinise the entire footage recorded during this period to spot a possible hint, if any, that drove the child to take the drastic step. On July 17, Vignesh jumped off the building of Saint Joseph High School and Junior College around 7 am, just before his classes were about to begin.

The incident sent shock waves across the city, as this is the second such case since January in Navi Mumbai. After the incident, neighbours and family members accused the school authorities of withholding the complete CCTV footage of the fateful day. The management later informed the Salunkes that the terrace from which Vignesh jumped lacked a CCTV camera.

Hence, his parents and relatives demanded they be handed over CCTV recordings of the rest of the school for the previous day so that they could spot a possible lead that would help them solve the mystery surrounding Vignesh’s suicide. “We have now been told that there is no further CCTV footage, besides the one that was released.

And hence we want to check whether something had gone wrong the previous day, as Vignesh behaved absolutely normal the day before he died. We meet the police and have requested them to show us the footage of July 16 from start to end,” said Lonkar.

He added that the Salunkes would soon be meeting with the police and school authorities later this week, once they return from their hometown near Satara district where they are currently performing Vignesh’s last rites. Speaking to mid-day, Senior Inspector B D Mohite from Kalamboli police station said, “It seems that the boy had gone to the terrace that lacked CCTV coverage.

We are also examining the footage of the previous day, but it lacks clarity, making it difficult to scrutinise.” The police have registered an Accidental Death Report (ADR) in this matter and would be recording the family’s statement once they are back.

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