Kate's Rs 30-lakh clothes paid by Prince Charles

Jun 26, 2012, 08:10 IST | Agencies

Kate Middleton may be a fan of fan of recycling her style and shopping in high street stores, but one often wondered who footed the bill for her dazzling designer dresses.

Now it’s been revealed Prince Charles has paid for Kate’s working wardrobe, which has cost an estimated £35,000 (Rs 30 lakh) already this year. Prince Charles has agreed to pay for Kate’s ‘work-related’ wardrobe, and anything she wears to official engagements or while out and about with the Royal Family.

Saving on ironing? Prince Charles pays for Kate’s official dresses and the money comes from his official household budget. Pic/Getty Images

It’s thought Kate’s father-in-law has offered to take the cost of the Duchess’s designer dresses out of his official household budget. Which is quite generous, since it’s estimated Kate’s shopping bill totals up to more than £35,000 this year alone.

According to insiders, Kate has gone to great lengths to keep her clothing budget down, recycling dresses where she can, and shopping on the high street. Also, she has refused all offers of a stylist, and still chooses all her clothes herself.

“Katherine has an innate sense of style and, almost as importantly, knows what is appropriate for the occasion,” one insider said. “She is conscious that she is not yet a full-time working royal and feels it is pretty pointless, as well as extravagant, to have her own stylist.” 

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