Kim Kardashian accuses Brit Airways of stealing `sentimental` items

May 29, 2012, 17:39 IST | ANI

Kim Kardashian has lashed out at British Airways on Twitter, blaming the airline for 'taking some special items' out of her baggage

The reality star travelled overseas to promote her new fragrance and visit beau Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

But after returning to US on Sunday, the brunette insisted that the she was quite disappointed with British Airways.

“Very disappointed in British Airways for opening my luggage ‘n’ taking some special items of mine!” Kardashian, 31, tweeted.

“Some things are sentimental ‘n’ not replaceable.”

“What happened to the days when you could lock your bags! We need to get back to that. There's no sense of security & no trust!” she continued.

“Shame on you,” she added.

The reality star refrained from revealing what specific items had been removed from her bags.

However a British Airways spokesperson told the a news channel that they were looking into her claims.

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