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Jun 30, 2013, 08:31 IST | Phorum Dalal

Make your way to BNHS Conservation Education Centre this week to learn a thing or two about amphibians that have existed since the era of the dinosaurs

While we may not get to see a dinosaur ever again, every monsoon, we hear and then spot an amphibian that has lived on this planet since approximately 230 million years — yes, we are talking about frogs.

The BNHS programme includes a series of fun activities that help children as well as adults know about the unique behavioural patterns of frogs

Did you know they lead a dual mode of life? They are born in water and spend their entire lives on land. So come monsoon and you’ll surely hear the croaking of frogs, much before you spot them hopping about under their camouflaging colours. For the first time, Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) Conservation Education Centre (CEC) at Goregaon will conduct a special programme, Fun With Frogs on July 7. The programme includes a walk around the Goregaon campus, which is lush green in the monsoons, and an ideal place to spot frogs. “In this season, participants will get to spot the Common Skittering Frog and even the Common Fungoid Frog, which tends to leave a smell of burnt rubber on your hand if you touch it,” says Amardeep Kaur, who will conduct this programme.

Frogs go into hibernation after monsoon and remain so underground till the next monsoon. “When rains come again, they come out of their hiding places to breed. Thus, frogs are very conspicuous in monsoon,” Atul Sathe, communications manager, BNHS India, explains.

To familiarise nature enthusiasts with the most popular amphibians, and understand their unique behaviour patterns. The programme begins with an audio-visual presentation on the threat these animals face, a view of the natural history collection of BNHS and takes a quiz. Children will also learn to make their own origami frog, masks and face painting.

When: July 7, 7.30 am to 12:30 pm
Where: Conservation Education Centre, Goregaon (East)
Fees: Rs 600 for adults, R550 for children below 10 years
Register Before: July 3
Call: 9594929107 or email at cecbnhs@gmail.com 

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