Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Cruise line up for USD 103 billion photo call

Jul 30, 2012, 09:46 IST | ANI

A total of 116 Hollywood stars, whose box office earnings total a whopping 103 billion dollars, came together for a photo to celebrate Paramount Studios' 100th anniversary.

The line up included people from various fields of filmmaking like acting, producing, directing, singing, writing and company president, the Daily Mail reported.

Also included in the line up were A-listers like Tom Cruise and Leonardo DiCaprio. According to the photographer Art Streiber, even the biggest names of the industry were humbled.  “This is epic,” DiCaprio said, as he entered Studio 18 on the Paramount lot and gaped at the line-up. 

Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise
Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise

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