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Jul 10, 2015, 08:25 IST | Krutika Behrawala

Engage in a panel discussion at Sitara Studio that aims to spread awareness about why sex education is vital to India’s school curriculum

Are you at your wits’ end when your pre-teen asks you where babies come from or why a couple on the television screen is locked in a French kiss? This evening, participate in a panel discussion titled Let’s Talk About Sex (Education) at Sitara Studio. Hosted by an online startup, TheSwaddle.com, the discussion will focus on the merits of sex education in the Indian school system.

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What to expect?
“Today’s teens are exposed to sex from a very early age, and without the proper information, they won’t necessarily know how to keep themselves safe and healthy. Parents and schools need to work together to ensure pre-teens and teens have all the information they need about reproductive biology, pregnancy, and sexually transmitted diseases,” says Karla Bookman, Founder and Editor of The Swaddle, a content site that aims to host offline events like workshops, art exhibits and talks on various topics related to holistic family health, on a monthly basis.Moderated by actress Tara Sharma, the panelists will share their perspectives on the purpose of sex education as it relates to gender equality, health and relationships. Prriety Gosalia, CEO and Chief of Academics of Leapbridge Schools and one of the panelists, says, “Through this event, we are trying to create a voice to educate and bring awareness. Millions of people are HIV positive, child abuse is at about 50%, and teen abortions are rising. All these are not going to be controlled or solved by keeping sex education out of school curricula and family discussions.”
Meanwhile, clinical psychologist and another panelist Sonali Gupta will highlight the need to introduce children to sex education right from the age of two years.

Education is the key
“Sexuality education means different things at different life stages. With pre-schoolers, it is important to focus on learning to respect your body and be aware about one’s private parts. Sexuality education empowers children and they learn that it's normal to have questions as one grows up. This prevents feelings of shame and embarrassment, creating a healthy space where they can reach out to trusted adults like parents or teachers rather than the Internet,” she adds. The other panelists include sex columnist Rukun Kaul, Radhika Sharma (Director of Training and Communication of the NGO Arpan), Nilima Achwal (Founder and CEO of the non-profit social venture, Iesha) as well as sexpert Dr Mahindra Watsa.

On: Today, 5.30 pm
At: Sitara Studio, opposite Indiabulls Finance Centre, Lower Parel.
RSVP: Theswaddle.com

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