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Sep 19, 2012, 08:36 IST | Surekha S

Photography enthusiasts can sign up for interesting workshops across different genres, attend sessions on the subject or get assistance on the technicalities, around the year, at Photo Caddy, a start-up dedicated entirely to photography

When Sunil Thakkar started learning photography about five years back, he realised that there are very few spaces dedicated to the subject. He felt the options in India were limited and most of the things taught in basic photography workshops could be learnt by experimentation. So, along with his cousin Gayatri Sarang, he decided to start Photo Caddy, a dedicated forum for photography enthusiasts.

Photographer Javed Iqbal (bespectacled) during a workshop

“When I started exploring options to learn I realised that if I wanted to make a documentary project using photographs there was no workshop I could enroll for. No one here teaches using photographs to build a story. There are basic photography workshops but there are no ne that would take photography to the next level. I wanted to bridge that gap,” says Thakkar.

The first workshop by Photo Caddy is currently underway and is being conducted by photojournalist Javed Iqbal. His workshop called Telling Untold Stories deals with making a documentary project using photographs. “He will mentor them through developing the story, selecting works, research, basically the entire process,” explains Thakkar.

The next workshop they have lined up is called Thinking Photography, which will be conducted by Andrea Fernandes and Phillippe and will be about conceptualising your works. “These practically-structured workshops are about learning through experience,” says Thakkar adding that they plan to conduct workshops on specific fields of photography and get experts to conduct them. “We plan to provide a workshop at least once every month,” he says.

Apart from workshops, Photo Caddy has plans to introduce interactive sessions on a regular basis. The website, which will become fully active by October will have educational articles on photography, tutorials, live projects and a lot more. “There will be an option for people to ask questions to professionals, which will be answered soon,” he adds. Currently, a photography contest is underway, which people can enroll in and the winner will get a cash prize of R20,000. The deadline for the contest is September 30.

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