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Aug 20, 2015, 08:10 IST | Hassan M Kamal

Be it booking an appointment with a sexologist, finding a physician next door or signing up for a new fitness routine, health and wellness solutions are just a touch away

Are you looking for a medical specialist, but unsure about who to approach? Log on to Lybrate.com. The website (also available as an app) offers a location-based search of medical professionals along with their full bio data as well as reviews, if any. Whether you are looking for a dietician, nutritionist, gynaecologist, psychologist, sexologist or homeopathy and ayurveda specialists, you can search for all medical professionals here. The website also allows you to ask questions to medical experts for free as well as book appointments online. You can also arrange for a virtual consultation and discuss your issues privately by sharing your medical reports via the app. Say goodbye to long queues or waiting for the doctor to arrive.  The service currently has more than 80,000 doctors from various specialties connected with it.
Log on to: Lybrate.com
APP Available: on Android and iOS platform


Do you want to know more about diseases and their symptoms or make yourself aware of the possible side effects that the new drug prescribed by your physician, might have? Keep yourself informed and updated with diseases, medicines and their symptoms on WebMD, an online web service now also available as an App for Android and iOS devices. One can also ask questions via this app. But that’s not all WebMD also regularly publishes articles on recent innovations and findings in healthcare, and serves as a guide for those who want to stay updated about the new happenings in healthcare.
Log on to: WebMd.com
APP Available:on Android and iOS platform


Are you constantly on the move and find it difficult to visit your home gym? Do you like trying your hands at different fitness activities? Perhaps, a Fiticket membership would serve you well. For R2,499 you get access to unlimited fitness classes and activities across the city. But there’s a catch: you can not attend the same studio/gym for more than three times. The company claims they do it because a combination of various activities provides the best results. But we are not really convinced. We find this practice discouraging, especially since it forces you to constantly look for newer studios and gyms, which is not a pleasing experience. Despite that, Fiticket is still worth a try, especially for the variety that it offers. Fiticket is available in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi.
Log on to: fiticket.com
APP Available: on Android and iOS platform
Price: Rs 2,499 for monthly membership


Whether you are trying to locate a neck protector for your newborn, a face mask to keep you safe from the city’s pollution, a first aid kit or any other health care, personal care and home care solution, Safetykart.com could be your stop. The online retail store packs in a range of healthcare and hygiene products from brands across the world. They also offer a range of healthcare products and accessories that you may need while travelling, and for sports professionals. The company delivers across India. A word of advice, read the company’s terms of service and privacy policy before placing orders.
Log on to: Safetykart.com

NOTE: We do not vouch for the authenticity of the services. Kindly make additional enquiries before subscribing to any of these services.

Just launched: Pocket toilet sanitiser

Safetykart.com recently introduced Peesafe, a toilet sanitiser available in the form of spray. Priced R120 (75 ml), it allows one to use public toilets without worrying about catching infections. Targetted mostly at women, the company claims PeeSafe destroys 99.99% germs on the toilet seat in 5 seconds.

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