Mad cap Balotelli followed teen to her house and begged her to date him

May 29, 2012, 13:18 IST | ANI

A girl in her teens has revealed how Man City ace Mario Balotelli secretly followed her home, then begged her for a date.

Waitress Lauren Thorne, 19, did not recognise the footie star when he pitched up at her house after spotting her as she drove back from work.

She was shocked when he declared: “I just saw you and wondered if I could take you out.”

She was about to slam the door in his face when her City fan uncle recognised Balotelli, 21, and invited him into their two-bed terrace home.

The Italian striker then spent 20 minutes on the sofa chatting about football while still trying to persuade Thorne into going out with him.

Mario Balotelli. Photo: AFP

“I just thought he was some guy trying it on. I couldn’t believe it when I realised who he was. I thought it was a bit weird and slightly stalkerish,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

“I suppose it was quite flattering to be asked out but when he knocked on the door I really didn’t know who he was.

“He didn’t tell me his name or how he knew where I lived. I was slightly freaked out,” she said.

Smitten Balotelli, who was dating stunning model Raffaella Fico, 24, at the time, saw Thorne as she drove home in her Renault Clio from her job at The Old Rectory Hotel in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

He followed her in his new black BMW Z9 before knocking on her front door at around 8pm. Thorne, still in her work uniform of black trousers. black top and name badge, was about to send him packing when her uncle Steve McCauley, 50, came bounding out.

“My uncle said: ‘My God it is Mario Balotelli’. Then he invited him in. We were all in shock. It was very surreal. It’s not every day that a millionaire footballer knocks on your door.

“We went into the living room and he sat down on the sofa with my uncle to talk about football. But every now and then Mario would turn to me and ask again if I would go out on a date with him.

“He asked me three times and each time I politely said no to him. I knew he had a girlfriend and I have no interest in going out with a footballer and being a WAG,” she said.

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