Man kills parents then commits suicide in Kalyan

Oct 15, 2013, 11:13 IST | Vinay Dalvi

Before the incident, the 25-year-old had sent 12 messages to relatives and friends saying: "Urgent help! House robbery"

A horrific case of parricide came to the fore in Kalyan on Sunday, when Dnyaneshwar Wankhede, a lab technician, killed both his parents, and then committed suicide.

No clues: Police officials at the Wankhede residence on Sunday

The incident occurred at Mayuresh Apartments in the Peer Baba Lane, Kalyan (W), where the Wankhede family resided. Dnyaneshwar used to stay with his parents Subhash (65) and Promodini (55).

Strangely, before the incident, Dnyaneshwar sent 12 messages to relatives and friends saying: “Urgent help! House robbery.” Everyone who got the message gathered outside the flat. The police were also called.

“When the relatives smelt gas from the apartment, they broke open the door,” said a police official from the Bazaar Peth police station.

According to the police, the son allegedly smothered his parents with a pillow, and proceeded to tie their hands and legs. He then killed himself by putting the LPG gas pipe in his mouth, suspect the police.

Dnyaneshwar, who was a bachelor, worked as a lab assistant at IIT-Powai while his father was a retiree from a company in Badlapur. The police initially thought it was a robbery that turned into murder, as all the gold jewellery was missing. But all the valuables were later found in a bag.

The police are trying to ascertain what led Dnyaneshwar to take such a drastic step. “The family was well-to-do, and we don’tthink he was under the burden of debt. There seem to be no signs of forced entry, and nothing is missing from the house. So,there’s no question of it being a robbery, ” added the police officer.

The police also enquired with the seven watchmen of buildings nearby, but found no leads. The family had recently moved into the flat on rent. 

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