Man tries to kill self at police station after kin refuse to vouch for him

Jun 17, 2015, 06:59 IST | Sadaguru Pandit

He failed in the attempt and sustained severe injuries; wife says she was unaware, but police say she was present at Bhiwandi police station when incident occurred

A 45-year-old worker who was caught for speeding yesterday attempted suicide at the police station, after his family, whom police contacted, allegedly refused to take on his responsibility.

The accused has been admitted to the Thane Civil hospital. File pic
The accused has been admitted to the Thane Civil hospital. File pic

Jitendra Nagpure, who was caught for speeding by the Bhiwandi city police and arrested under the suspicion of being a thief, failed at his attempt and was left with severe neck and back injuries. He was immediately rushed to Thane Civil Hospital for treatment. The Bhiwandi city police booked him for creating nuisance and attempt to commit suicide.

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The incident took place in the morning around 7 am when Nagpure, a worker with a local decorator, was at his Shanti Maharashtra residence in Bhiwandi. He allegedly had a fight with his family members, and left in a hurry on his motorcycle. Police in their patrol van noticed his reckless riding and stopped him immediately.

While the officers mistook Nagpure for a thief, they enquired about his whereabouts and the reason for speeding. “He didn’t give us any appropriate answers and was arguing. We thought he must be a petty thief and enquired where he lives or works. Then, he asked us to contact his family to substantiate his claims,” said a police officer.

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However, when the officers called his residence, his family allegedly refused to vouch for him. They asked the officers to take the necessary action, and didn’t support Nagpure’s claims of not being involved in a criminal activity. Based on their doubts, police officers arrested him and took him to the police station for further questioning.

On reaching the police station, Nagpure allegedly climbed atop a table and tried to commit suicide by hanging himself from the fan. While the police officers reacted quickly, Nagpure fell off from the table and sustained severe injuries on his neck and back. He was moved to the intensive care unit (ICU) of the Thane Civil Hospital for treatment.

Wife denies presence
Nagpure’s wife said she wasn’t present in Bhiwandi at the time of the incident. “I was at my mother’s place and only got to know about the matter in the afternoon. I have no idea what escalated the matter to such a level,” she said.

However, the police officials said she was called to the police station and was there when the incident took place, and is well aware of the situation. Bhiwandi police have filed an FIR against Nagpure for creating a nuisance and attempting to take his own life.

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“Nagpure was behaving very obnoxiously since the time we started enquiring about him. Eventually, when he was brought to the police station, he attempted suicide with a long piece of cloth that he managed to find. So, we have booked him under Section 309 (attempt to suicide) of the Indian Penal Code. After his treatment, he will be arrested,” said the investigating officer.

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