Meet the spider-dog!

Sep 07, 2014, 08:01 IST | Agencies

YouTube prank group, SA Wardega, creates a mutant spider-dog and records a five-minute video to show how fearsome this creature can be

Arachnids, aka spiders, may be a kind of insect to keep the number of other insects in check. They may also be the subject of classic children’s literature, such as Charlotte’s Web. But to many people, spiders just make their skin crawl. Eight legs and the potential to inject poison can have that effect. But in the case of comic book hero Peter Parker, popularly known as the amazing Spider-Man, a radioactive spider was the genesis of his superpowers —and Marvel Comics’ golden goose.

Chica, the dog-spider, is a four legged fur-ball actor garbed in an eight-legged tarantula costume

Now what about a real-life prank involving these web spinners? Not just any small trick involving plastic bugs but a joke complete with props, captured by amateur videographers. Throw in a canine-sized faux arachnid with human-sized webbing for good measure and you can imagine the horror. Or, not.

YouTube prank group SA Wardega, fronted by Sylwester Wardega, created and shot a similar prank. The group shot it in a horror-genre style that would make John Carpenter proud. The concept involved a mutant giant spider-dog, and the five-minute viral video shows just how fearsome the creature can be, even if it is just a little doggy.

Chica, the dog-spider, is a four-legged fur-ball actor garbed in an eight-legged tarantula costume. She also has a Facebook fan page, with the message, “Yo! I want your soul.” Yikes — a mutant spider-dog with keyboarding skills!

SA Wardega has made other prank videos but nothing quite like this horrifying montage. The video earned nearly four million hits in a day.

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