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Updated: Nov 13, 2014, 09:46 IST | Hassan M Kamal |

American Rock band, Mutemath is back in the city for their second outing. The Grammy Award-winning band speaks to Hassan M Kamal about the changing dynamics in their lives, and how it will affect their upcoming fourth album

Q. You have been very focused on how you project yourselves as a band; in fact, you filed a lawsuit against Warner Records for dubbing you as a Christian band. How would you describe Mutemath as a band?
Mutemath: We don’t have any issue with categorisation of our band as Pop Rock, Alternative Rock or Rock. Our work speaks for itself. We filed the lawsuit because we wanted to be on Warner as a proper band, and not part of a smaller category. If we were labelled as a Christian band, we would have been stuck in a stigma and it would have been difficult to break away. We tried to avoid any such distraction. As for our sound, we are more like a Classic Rock band.

(L-R) Roy Mitchell-Cardenas, Paul Meany, Darren King and Todd Gummerman

Q. It’s been nearly three years since the band released its last album, Odd Souls. Now, we hear, you guys are working on a new album. How’s the process been?
Paul Meany: We started writing new songs three years ago; it’s been a painful process. But, we have been constantly at it, taking our time. We were searching for the right album, for a new spark of life, and I think we’ve found it. In the last three years, we wrote the maximum number of songs, ever. But you write a lot of bad songs to get the few good songs, and we have a few good ones. We are finally getting there. We have done few experiments, and hopefully, something will come out of it.

Q. Your upcoming album, will be the first with Todd Gummerman as a part of the song-writing process. How has his arrival changed the dynamics within the band?
Paul Meany: It’s like finding a new rhythm. Initially, we started with the old pattern, with Todd joining us on guitar. But he is also a very good keyboard player. So, we started switching things around. Roy Mitchell-Cardenas took up the guitar and Todd has moved to the keyboard. So, all of a sudden, we are creating music in a way we had never done before. Our next album will have a different kind of Mutemath sound.

Q. The band had taken a break due to family commitments, with Darren King becoming a father. How have these new additions influenced the band’s outlook towards its sound?
Darren King: In the last few years, there has been a lot of personal growth, as a band and as individuals. In a way, becoming a father takes up more time, but at the same time, it’s good to come home to family. My daughter came at a time when I needed her the most. Without her, I may have been lost. I think, you’re lucky to be able to play your songs and come back to a loving family. It’s a healthy. We are freewheeling, and spontaneous. It’s a fair trade. All this will affect the song writing process in the band, but it won’t be in any obvious way.

Q. Every member of Mutemath is a multi-instrumentalist. How does that come to play in deciding the role of each member in the band?
Mutemath: We don’t have a strict play at who does what, but everybody takes a lead at everything they do. Everyone has to have a strong idea. It also comes down to personality. But more importantly, we believe, it’s important that we know when to encourage and challenge, and when to back off.

Mutemath will perform as part of the Harley Rock Riders — Season V concert. Also perfomring are Blackstratblues, Scribe, Undying Inc, The Supersonics and Zero.

On: November 15 and 16, 3 pm to 10 pm.
At: Richardson & Cruddas Foundry, Sir JJ Flyover, Byculla.
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