Mere Brother Ki Dulhan: Brain-numbing fare

Sep 09, 2011, 20:04 IST | Shubha Shetty-Saha

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is yet another sad attempt at a rom-com

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan
U/A; Romantic Comedy
Dir: Ali Abbas Zafar
Cast: Imran Khan, Katrina Kaif, Ali Zafar, Kanwaljeet Singh, Parikshit Sahni, Mahru Sheikh
Rating: * 1/2

Even though it might look like the easiest genre to tackle, Bollywood seems to be struggling to make good, enjoyable rom-coms. Apart from a stray Tanu Weds Manu or an Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani, Hindi filmmakers of late just haven't been able to make the 'love, laughter and happily ever after' formula work at the box office.

Mere Brother Ki Dulhan is yet another sad attempt at rom-com. Luv (Ali Zafar) has just had a break up with his girlfriend Piyali and decides to get married to a girl his brother Kush (Imran Khan) chooses for him. Kush sets out looking for an ideal wife and bumps into Dimple (Katrina Kaif), an old acquaintance. Dimple at 26 has had a wild life and now plans to comply with her parents' wishes and marry a boy of their choice. Everything seems to be working fine, until the most predictable thing happens. Dimple and Kush fall in love with each other. And now they have to find a way out.

This story may have seemed fairly good on paper, but the film has been executed so mindlessly, that at times it seems surreal and unbelievable. Imran Khan, who transforms from a good boy-turned-lover to a meanie brother, could have been better. Though Katrina Kaif has a well-etched role and she looks pretty and all, after about ten minutes into the film, her overzealous acting starts getting on the nerves.

The dialogues, too, are far from funny. Some don't even make sense. If you can decipher something like "Kyun upset hai yaar, tere bhai ki shaadi hai behen ki nahi �" let me know.

Ali Zafar is the one bright spark in the film. Even when spouting inane dialogues in even more unbelievable scenes, Zafar stands out with his perfect body language and great acting ability. My heart almost goes out to him for trying to make some sense out of this nonsense. I look forward to watching more and more of Ali Zafar. The extra half star is for him.

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