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Jul 17, 2014, 07:22 IST | Dhara Vora

Indian Ocean founder and ex-member Susmit Sen is ready with his new album, Ocean to Ocean

He founded one of the most prominent Indian Rock bands in the 1990s, and guitarist Susmit Sen is now back with a new album with his new band, titled Susmit Sen Chronicles.

Susmit Sen
Susmit Sen (seated second from right) Chronicles will be releasing their debut album next month

Though the group (comprising Varun Gupta, Anirban Ghosh, Nikhil Vasudevan, Amit Sharma and Sudhir Rikhari) was formed almost two years ago, they will finally  release their first album, Ocean to Ocean, next month. We asked Sen about the irony of the new album’s name, that would remind listeners and fans of his previous band, to which he replied, “The name of the album comes from the song Ocean to Ocean from the album, and it was Bernie Marsden (ex Whitesnake guitarist) who came up with
the name.”

Sen met Marsden at Festival Guitare en Scene (in France) and invited him to visit India, after which they performed together last year. During this trip, Marsden recorded the song with Sen, which made its way to the album. The band has also collaborated with Hungarian accordion artiste Orosz Zoltan on the song, Bongingon.

The album includes seven tracks, all of which feature Sen’s guitar skills. He admits that though his style is the same, the young musicians in the band add a different energy to the album. “When I compose songs, it isn’t a cerebral process. Each song in the album is a different experience, something that I just let flow naturally. All the seven songs are very different,”
he summarises.

Download the first single Bongingon from

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