mid-day impact: Residents of Navi Mumbai complex respond on society hiring bouncers

Updated: 24 November, 2018 18:28 IST | Team mid day | Mumbai

Following mid-day's report 'A Tsunami is brewing at Seawoods Complex', residents flood mid-day's inbox with views

The hired bouncers at the society meeting
The hired bouncers at the society meeting

Against the board...
Information being hidden
I am a resident of Seawoods Estates Phase 1 complex. I want to express my gratitude for highlighting the difficulties faced by residents in accessing the accounts of the society and ensuring transparency. We have been struggling for over three months now to get some answers from the board members of Seawoods Estates Limited on how so much money in the sinking fund was depleted, and for details of contracts with various vendors. But every single enquiry was blocked using some excuse or the other, such as Company Law provisions for secrecy. I myself have received a written reply from SEL in this regard.

The mistake CIDCO made in incorporating a housing complex as a Limited Company is now haunting the residents. Unlike a CHS, the management is able to treat residents as minority shareholders with no rights in the running of the company or access to any information about accounts.

Your earlier reports have helped us save the water body behind Delhi Public School from encroachment and also prevent cruelty against stray dogs in our complex. We need continued support from socially conscious journalists and law enforcement and regulatory authorities to save us from our plight.
Vinod Sankar

False case by BOD
I am willing to answer any queries on the false case filed on me by directors using CEM as complainant for not toeing their line. This is the modus operandi: target one individual and hold him up as an example so than the rest can shut up or else. Similarly, last year individual families in this housing complex were thoroughly harassed over a disagreement with the same directors. Some of them will testify. I also have written proof, a sheaf of papers.
Mrs Kavita Shah

Board is outright corrupt
Compliments to you for the fair coverage of the activities by the board of directors at SEL. The board is outright corrupt and is being controlled by handlers like RK Puglia, Alok Agrawal and a few others who have made SEL a milch cow while treating the fellow residents as either goondas or stupid. They have made SEL a project company, neglecting the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of the complex. Thank you for your help, it will go a long way in ridding the SEL of the corrupt BOD.
Shashank Jan

Why hide information?
Many thanks for your article on mid-day, which brings awareness among residents of NRI Complex Phase I. The article will be an eye-opener for the board and may compel them to think about their actions and about the need for transparency. The residents are asking one simple thing: sharing of information on expenditure. As all members are shareholders, they should get it as this is our money, too. The directors should not take the escape route just because SEL is a company and they are not obliged to share the desired information.
GD Behera

Autocratic board!
All that has been stated in the paper is true and I fully endorse all statements informed by Mr Butala. There is much correspondence which remains un-replied to, totally autocratic behaviour by the board of directors and chairman, non-transparent approach and high-handedness in every action. When 99% of the complex is run as a CHS, why is this run as a company? Also, there is no headway from the BOD on this as they find it convenient to hide facts under the company banner and the company has tried every stunt to hide information from residents. The plethora of events speaks about the adverse working process of company against its own residents.

The management was trying to force upon residents BIOGAS and DG SETS projects that were not required owing to various health and environmental reasons. The residents' consensus was not taken. The management has managed to crush people's voices since the voting process was under a cloud and manipulated. Even though the proxy against the resolutions handed over to the BOD were more than what they had by sizable numbers, they managed to reject the proxies collected by us without stating reasons and showing up what went wrong. There is a complete goof-up since the BOD was desperate to pass the accounts for FY17-18 in the EGM as there was personal liability on the directors.

During the AGM all the major resolutions were dissented by the residents so how come the same accounts were passed at the EGM, which is huge proof of their manipulation. We want the whole process audited and checked by a third party, but the company wants a non-transparent approach. The present directors, previous directors and a few handlers have teamed up and formed shell companies that appear to be siphoning funds. There are personal interests involved and hence even after all the major resolutions were dissented by residents, the directors have not resigned. This is not a profit-making company and if the services and work is not liked by residents, which you think are honorary, it is best to resign or else prove your position. Both remain not done by the board of directors and they continue their oppressive behaviour.
Capt. Bipin Gupta

In defence of the board...
Fight of power
The woman who is at the forefront in this case against the management didn't bother to arrest the heavy leakage from her flat to the flat below for the last two years, which led to heavy damage to the structure of building no. 25 in the complex. It's a fight of convenience and power in the complex. If so many issues of swindling of money and corruption exist, why is there not even a single complaint to any of the agencies?
N K Sharma

What's the big deal?
I am a resident of Seawoods Estates for the last 10 years. This is the first time I am hearing of an 'NRI Residents Welfare Association'. I have checked with my friends and have drawn a blank. There has been no notification by our management regarding same, and to my knowledge all formation of committees and associations is always communicated through official channels using mail and notice boards. I checked with the NRI phase 2 residents, too.

They, too, have not heard of any such association. Regarding the Rs 23.5-crore repairs agenda for the AGM, it was kept in abeyance and the management had issued a circular that the matter will be taken up after a residents' committee decided on the matter. That the committee is still working is proof that the residents are aware of the problem regarding the repairs needed in the buildings and are working hard to formalise the method of repairs. The copies of building-wise audit reports were given to residents and they have come back with verification and additional photographs of areas where more repairs are needed.

'Review of Accounts of Last 8 years' was on the agenda at our EGM on Nov 9, 2018. It was not accepted by the residents through voting. Your article also mentions that SEL has an income of R 9 to 10 crore every year. This is not an income but the contribution of members given as M&R charges for the complex. We have 1,500 plus flats, hence this huge figure, so what's the big deal?
Ritu Mittal

Contradictions in report
I was shocked to see the cover page report with completely baseless headlines and misinformation attempted to impact the value of over 1,500 accommodations in our prestigious premium complex NRI Complex Phase 1 also known as Seawoods Estates.

I would request you to check the self contradictions in the article. As you mention, the police confirmed no untoward incident at the AGM. So, what's this story on bouncers? That the AGM went off smoothly because of police presence is an obvious answer to the intent of the sponsors of your article. Is there any harm in legally getting police presence to improve attendance, generate confidence in fearless participation, while you will see from police records the background and antecedents of the people involved in the disruption plan?

You mention the statement supposedly by Hafeez Contractor on the state of the building, the mega size of the enviable complex, in your report, but highlight estimated cost of repair out of proportion! There have been past incidents. AGMs have rejected budgets and/or accounts due to some misinformation or misrepresentation of a few.

Boards earlier, too, have come back with clarification or changes to get the same approved and/or adopted the next time around, post information sharing. Whilst the perpetrators of negativity and defiance have once again succeeded in a backdoor entry by pressure, whether political, media misuse, muscle or lung power to come to power without democratic elections.
Raj Pugalia

 Residents Miffed As Navi Mumbai Society Board Members Hire Bouncers For AGM Meeting

Not the true picture
I was shocked to see the false news in your newspaper. The points as given below will help understand the true picture. NRI Complex is one of the best-managed complexes at undoubtedly the lowest per square feet M&R charges - just Rs 2.5 per square foot against Rs 5-10 per square foot being charged by other complexes. For residents here, this is most clean, hygienic and secure place to live in, with the best standard of living.

Despite low M&R charges, the facilities as compared to other complexes are much better and there has been unprecedented development in the last two years to further improve the standard of living of residents and to meet regulatory compliances as per details below. These works had been pending in the complex for the last 5 to 7 years.

1. Club was almost non-functional two years back, but is now brimming with activity with pool renovation, new gym, yoga/meeting Room, community hall, restaurant, renovated squash and tennis courts, etc.
2. Fire Fighting System: We never had a fire system for emergencies as the original system was dysfunctional for 10+ years. The complete system was commissioned in the last 2 years and now we have the NMMC Fire Office certificate.
3. Lift Upgrades: Lifts at the complex were 20 years old and needed emergency upgrades. This was done last year and the proof is power savings of 22% in FY 18
4. Improvement in housekeeping, security and gardening The majority view is that this is the best complex.
Harish Motwani

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First Published: 24 November, 2018 07:30 IST

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