Mother's Day special: A look at the quintessential Bollywood mums

May 11, 2014, 07:42 IST | Shubha Shetty Saha

There is an eclectic variation of Bollywood mothers portrayed by famous yesteryear actresses like Nirupa Roy, Farida Jalal, Rakhee and many others over the years. We look at a few famous ones

There are mothers and there are mothers. And then there is an eclectic variation of Bollywood mothers...

Nirupa Roy variety

Nirupa Roy in 'Deewar'
Nirupa Roy in 'Deewar'

Model: This kind sports grey hair, wrinkles borne out of misery and generally a white saree with a kind of muted pride. One look at her and you know that this long suffering kind has the tendency to break into tears or ‘tujhe meri kasam’ at an alarming frequency.
Pros: Keeps a constant supply of Gaajar Ka Halwa and Aloo Ke Parathe in the kitchen.
Cons: Has the tendency to fall down the stairs, lose sight, fall down again and gain it back and other such miraculous activities. Also tends to have long conversations with God, unaware of others in the surroundings.

Farida Jalal variety

Farida Jalal variety
Farida Jalal in 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge'

Model: The silent spectator to patidev’s atrocities, this model keeps her opinion hidden safely under her pallu.
Pros: Helps you escape from a bad set up.
Cons: Waits till the last minute to do so, thus increasing your risk quotient of the adventure.

Rakhee variety

Rakhee in 'Karan Arjun'
Rakhee in 'Karan Arjun'

Model: A wronged mother who has only her faith and hope going for her....
Pros: Her faith is so strong that when she keeps repeating something, it actually comes true! Don’t snigger, Karan-Arjun did make a re-appearance.
Cons: Her uncombed, running on the street appearance can be ahem embarrassing.

Nargis/Reema Lagoo variety

Nargis in 'Mother India'
Nargis in 'Mother India'

Model: This is the extremely righteous one. She smothers you with love if you are on the right path but try straying and she promptly abandons you or worse still, points the weapon at you.
Pros: As she doesn’t stand any criminal activities, you know where you stand with her.
Cons: One wrong move and you’re in danger.

Kirron Kher variety

Kirron Kher in 'Devdas'
Kirron Kher in 'Devdas'

Model: This version might look modern on the outset, but gets easily scandalised and offended
Pros: She has enough lung power to scream from the rooftop and challenge anyone who dares to insult the dignity of her brood
Cons: For this passive aggressive kind of mother, nothing but cold-blooded revenge will do.

Waheeda Rehman variety

Waheeda Rehman in 'Namak Halal'
Waheeda Rehman in 'Namak Halal'

Model: She dies, literally for love and lets the son do the rest of the dirty work for her.
Pros: Dies too soon.
Cons: Well, she dies too soon.

Lalita Pawar variety

Lalita Pawar in 'Sau Din Saas Ke'
Lalita Pawar in 'Sau Din Saas Ke'

Model: The wicked, scheming mother who gets into a particularly nasty mood as a mother-in-law.
Pros: She plans and plots, gives entertaining twists and turns to the story.
Cons: She screeches and generally puts up a whole lot of unnecessary drama.

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