Mumbai: 22-yr-old biker dies after car brushes past in Bandra

Aug 12, 2015, 07:54 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Police say that a car brushed against the bike, causing the rider to lose control; cops will arrest the pillion rider, the owner of the bike, for letting the deceased, who didn’t have a licence, ride the vehicle

A 22-year-old died on the spot in a freak accident at Bandra Reclamation on Monday night. Two friends were on a bike when a car allegedly brushed past it and one of them died on the spot. Initially, the friend who survived told the cops that a speeding car had hit them, but later, he changed his statement, saying he lost control over the bike after which the accident took place.

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Cops will study CCTV footage to trace the car which brushed against the bike that Umesh Vedkar (seen in the picture) was trying to rideCops will study CCTV footage to trace the car which brushed against the bike that Umesh Vedkar (seen in the picture) was trying to ride

Police officials from Bandra police station said that Umesh Vedkar (22) died on the spot while Swapnil Gaikwad (23) is recuperating at a Bandra hospital. Both are childhood friends and residents of Santacruz. Vedkar was a second year college student and was doing a part time job. He stayed with his parents and a twin brother; the family is in a state of shock and refused to comment on the incident.

According to police officials, on Monday night, Gaikwad and Vedkar went for a joyride in Bandra. They were on a Pulsar bike owned by Gaikwad, and Vedkar was riding pillion. Cops said that Vedkar did not know to ride a bike and he did not have a licence. At the Bandra reclamation area, Vedkar took over the bike and Gaikwad rode pillion. Though Vedkar was finding it difficult to ride the bike, Gaikwad did not take over the controls.

At 11.30 pm, a four-wheeler, allegedly travelling at a very high speed, brushed the bike. The car did not stop while Vedkar completely lost his balance and hit the divider and crash landed with his face on it. Gaikwad managed to survive with a few injuries while Vedkar died on the spot.

Cop speak
Senior Police Inspector Ramchandra Dhawale of Bandra police station said, “Initially Gaikwad said that a car hit them after which the accident took place.

However, when we interrogated him properly, he revealed that a car passed by at very high speed due to which Vedkar lost control and the accident took place.” Dhawale added, “We are investigating the case from both the angles and we are looking for the car driver.

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We are checking CCTV footage to find out the car. Meanwhile, we have also registered a case against the deceased’s friend Gaikwad because he was negligent in letting him ride the bike even after he knew that he did not have a licence and did not know bike riding.

Once he is out of hospital he will be arrested. No clean chit has been given to the car driver.” Vedkar’s family members could not speak as they were in a state of shock. A close friend said, “He was of very good nature and close to his parents.” When mid-day tried to contact Gaikwad, he refused to comment.

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