Mumbai: Aarey authorities devise new formula to stop road kill

Updated: 22 December, 2015 14:05 IST | Ranjeet Jadhav |

This seems to be the formula being followed by authorities at Aarey since they have decided to bar the entry of heavy vehicles on the area's internal roads during peak hours; the move will ease traffic congestion and stop road kill

After observing the recurring issue of traffic jams and the road kills caused by them in the Aarey Milk Colony’s internal roads, the authorities have decided to disallow big private vehicles from plying in the area during peak hours. Soon, they will also be posting security guards for the same.

Motorists accelerating while using the roads have led to an increase in traffic congestion and road kills. File pic for representation
Motorists accelerating while using the roads have led to an increase in traffic congestion and road kills. File pic for representation

During the evening peak hours, the main Aarey road sees huge traffic jams. Because of this, motorists have started using the private internal roads in Aarey Milk Colony, which is resulting in traffic congestion and also in the death of several reptiles in the area.

Ever since the toll was exempted, and the road was handed over to the BMC, the Aarey Chief Executive Officer’s office has found it difficult to contain the traffic jams. It had also installed information boards, requesting motorists to not use the internal roads. But since no one followed those, the colony will have security guards to make them understand the same. The main reason behind closing the roads is to prevent road kills.

Speaking to mid-day, Gajanan Raut, Aarey CEO said, “From the last two days, we have deployed security guards near Aarey Hospital, asking them stop the big vehicles including trucks and tempos which use the internal roads during evening peak hours. It was seen that many of these vehicles accelerate while using the roads, thus increasing traffic jams and chances of road accidents. We have also observed cases of reptiles getting killed while crossing the roads and so we hope that the restriction of heavy vehicles will help.”

‘Stop four-wheelers too’
In the coming days, the authorities will also be stopping the entry of four wheelers during peak hours. Welcoming the move, Imran Patel, a resident of unit number 15 said, “We have been fed up of the vehicles using the internal roads. The authorities should not only stop heavy vehicles, but also four wheelers because it is the four wheelers that accelerate.”

The increase in traffic has also raised the incidents of reptiles getting killed while crossing the road. Wildlife lovers who visit Aarey on a daily basis feel that more speed breakers need to be installed, and more action needs to be taken against private vehicles using the roads. Locals also said they see some or the other animal turn into a roadkill every alternate day.

Road kills at Aarey
The list of reptiles turning into road kills at Aarey includes snakes like spectacled cobra, Russell’s viper, checkered keelback, Indian Rock python, saw-scalded viper, etc. On December 18, a flapshell turtle was also killed while it was trying to cross the road. A leopard cub was also killed near New Zealand hostel, three years ago, after speeding vehicles knocked it down.

First Published: 22 December, 2015 13:52 IST

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