Mumbai Crime: Siblings rob actor Tej Sapru, and his sister

May 05, 2016, 08:12 IST | Saurabh Vaktania

Two brothers, employed as domestic help by actor Tej Sapru and his sister Priti, looted their homes in Andheri simultaneously and fled with valuables worth Rs 3 lakh

In another instance of hired help stealing from their employers, two actors were robbed of cash and valuables worth around Rs 3 lakh, recently. The thieves are two brothers who worked for actor Tej Sapru and his sister, actress Priti. The officials of the Versova and Amboli police stations, where the cases are registered, are preparing to send a team to West Bengal, where the thieves are from.

Tej Sapru and his sister Priti had hired the brothers who stole from them
Tej Sapru and his sister Priti had hired the brothers who stole from them

Sapru has worked in films like Gupt, Sirf Tum, Tridev and Mohra, while his sister has worked in films like Lavaris, Avtaar, Nazrana and Aaj ka Arjun. He stays at Yari Road at Andheri West, while Priti is a resident of New Link Road.

According to the police, Priti had a servant who quit in December. In January, she hired Vijay Parida. The police said that Vijay slowly gained her trust. As Sapru also wanted a servant, he asked Priti to help him. She asked Vijay, who suggested his younger brother, Ajay.

The younger brother also gained Sapru’s trust. Both Sapru and Priti would leave their homes in the care of the brothers. Police said the brothers later came to know that Sapru and Priti were actors and decided to loot them.

The brothers waited for the moment when Sapru and Priti would not be at home. In the last week of April, Sapru and Priti were away for a day. Police said, the brothers saw the perfect opportunity and looted both the houses that night. The next day when Priti came home, she found everything in a mess. She called Sapru and found his house was in the same condition. They called the brothers but their phones were not reachable. After waiting for several hours, the siblings approached the police. Priti filed a complaint with the Amboli police, while Sapru filed a complaint with the Versova police.

A police officer from Versova police station said, “Based on the complaint we have registered FIRs. We will soon send a team to West Bengal to investigate.” Senior Police Inspector Kiran Kale of Versova police station confirmed the incident and said they are trying to solve the case.

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